Welcome to the exclusive community of OhmConnect members, where saving energy and earning rewards go hand in hand. In this category, we'll share insider tips, success stories, and exciting updates about the OhmConnect program, and we'll guide you on your journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Get ready to join forces with fellow OhmConnect members and unleash the power of collective action.
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Woman adjusting a smart thermostat
New smart thermostats

OhmConnect Adds 9 New Smart Thermostats for Energy Efficiency

OhmConnect introduces nine new smart thermostat integrations that will seamlessly link with us, enabling you to optimize your home's energy efficiency like never before.

Two people putting in a new kitchen floor
THE Home Depot

March 2024 Week 4 Giveaway

Each week in March, we're giving away some fabulous prizes. Enter the March 2024 Week 4 Giveaway below! Come back every day to gain additional entries!

People enjoying an Airbnb vacation giveaway
Vacay giveaway

March 2024 Week 3 Giveaway

Each week in March, we're giving away some fabulous prizes. Enter the March 2024 Week 3 Giveaway below! Come back every day to gain additional entries!

March giveaway of Amazon gift cards
Gift Cards Galore

March 2024 Week 2 Giveaway

Each week in March, we're giving away some fabulous prizes. Enter the March 2024 Week 2 Giveaway below! Come back every day to gain additional entries!

Target gift card giveaway
Target Gift Card Giveaway

March 2024 Week 1 Giveaway

Each week in March, we're giving away some fabulous prizes. Enter the March 2024 Week 1 Giveaway below! Come back every day to gain additional entries!

Stephanie D, who won a TV with OhmConnect
Eco-steps to big screens

Stephanie’s Winning Story with OhmConnect: a 65-inch LG 4K TV

Stephanie D., a Brooklyn resident, won a 65-inch 4K LG TV from OhmConnect, showcasing the rewards of energy-saving practices

Win some prizes in our 12 days of holiday giveaways
'Tis the season

12 Days of Holiday Giveaways

We're celebrating the holiday season with 12 days of prizes! Each day, starting December 4, you can win a prize! Entries are open for 24 hours, starting at midnight each day of the giveaway.

A woman smiles at her phone, she’s looking at her OhmConnect account.
OhmConnect Super Stars!

How to Succeed With OhmConnect

One of our energy ambassadors answers your most common questions on how to get the most from the OhmConnect program!

A cozy scene with a dog and a cup of warm hot chocolate and a book. Hanging at home without using electricity is the perfect way to spend OhmHours
Cozy OhmHours

How To Prepare For Winter OhmHours: Fun Ideas to Make Saving Easy

As winter approaches, energy bills can rise. For OhmConnect members, preparing for OhmHours and finding innovative ways to reduce consumption is key to saving on energy costs during this season.

Vibrant graphic showcasing the exciting prizes of MEGA Summer 2023 with OhmConnect.
It's back, baby

MEGA Summer is back at OhmConnect!

MEGA Summer 2023 is almost here! It's the season for big rewards for your energy saving. Find out how to win and earn *big* as the weather heats up.

A joyful family celebrating their contributions and rewards with OhmConnect.
Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Big Prize Goes To OhmConnect Member of Six Years

This big prize goes to an OhmConnect member of six years. Saving energy along side thousands of members is making a huge difference for the future.

The iconic 1% For the Planet logo set against a lush, green nature backdrop, symbolizing environmental commitment.
Only one planet

Saving Energy & Giving Back: 1% For The Planet Has Joined the Rewards Marketplace

Our new charitable partner, 1% For the Planet, is now in the Rewards Marketplace. Use your Watts to make an even bigger difference with a donation!

A jubilant family enjoying their beach vacation, a testament to their dedication to OhmConnect.
Trip of a lifetime

OhmConnect sends Davis, CA family on $5,000 vacation

A Davis, CA family gets a $5000 vacation from winning a major prize with OhmConnect from spending Watts on prize entries in the Rewards Marketplace.

A bustling exterior view of Costco, representing energy savings and smart shopping.
Bulking up

An OhmConnect winner story: Saving energy in bulk

This OhmConnect winner story has saving energy in bulk and Costco written all over it. It only takes a few Watts to win big here at OhmConnect.

A lively game room with family members enjoying, highlighting Bradley E.'s thoughtful use of OhmConnect rewards.
They all win

Sharing Is Caring: An OhmConnect winner's story

A win for the whole family. Bradley E. from Hemet, CA used his OhmConnect winnings to create a game room for his whole family to enjoy, including a new aquarium.

A dynamic graphic celebrating the New Year and highlighting the collective achievements of the OhmConnect community.
We did it

OhmConnect Recap: A year-end thank you from OhmConnect’s CEO

A 2022 recap of the impact the OhmConnect community was able to have together, including all the energy saved across California and new things to come.

A modern home interior illuminated with smart devices, showcasing the benefits of integrating with OhmConnect.
Big money

He clicked on an ad to get a free smart plug, and won $2,000

Plus he’s upgraded his home’s energy efficiency with smart home tech throughout

A beautifully set dinner table, symbolizing the joy of shared meals and OhmConnect rewards.
Dinner party

The timing of this prize couldn’t have been better

Dinner for a year turned into gift giving

An elated OhmConnect member holding a large check, showcasing the thrill of a surprise win.
Spin me right round

New OhmConnect member wins big!

A few spins on the wheel scored this member $5,000

A breathtaking view of a dream golf getaway, symbolizing the ultimate trip prize.

A dream golf getaway turns into the trip of a lifetime

This was worth the wait!

Sun beating down on a cityscape, with OhmConnect community members collaborating, representing unity during a heatwave.
We did it

OhmConnect Members Save The Day During Heatwave and Grid Emergency

The OhmConnect community dug deep to help prevent blackouts last week. Let’s take a look at some of their incredible milestones.

A picturesque view of the Pleasant Hill Cohousing Community, now part of the OhmConnect family.
A fresh start

Top OhmConnect Referrer Takes Home $1,000 Prize for CoHousing Community

Welcome Pleasant Hill Cohousing Community to OhmConnect!

OhmConnect Member Used Home Automation to Score Major Prize
Let's ride

OhmConnect Member Used Home Automation to Score Major Prize

A suite of smart home technologies means earning rewards is easy

A picturesque vacation destination, symbolizing the dream reward achieved through consistent energy-saving.
Leaving on a jetplane

OhmConnect Prize Winner Using Cash to Go on Dream Vacation

Longtime member’s energy-saving habits have paid off.

A calendar highlighting 'Winning Wednesday' with a sun symbol, representing summer energy savings.
Real summer savings

Winning Wednesday Winner Uses OhmHours To Unplug and Reconnect

Her offline time won her her energy bills paid for the summer!

Chill Bill, a fun pineapple character with sunglasses, representing energy savings with a cool twist.
Too cool for school

Chill Bills: Who is the pineapple wearing sunglasses and why is he everywhere?

Have you been seeing a pineapple wearing sunglasses lately and wondering why?

A detailed electric bill with rising costs, highlighting the need for energy-saving solutions like OhmConnect.
The good fight

OhmConnect member joins to fight high energy bills, wins major prize

“Electricity is expensive! OhmConnect is a great way to save some of that money.”

The Redondo Beach power plant against a clear ocean backdrop, emphasizing the urgency for sustainable change.
We don't need it

Power Down For Good: Let’s shut down the Redondo Beach power plant

Even when it works, the Redondo Beach power plant is horribly inefficient and environmentally harmful. Local officials are now partnering with OhmConnect to shut it down.

A resilient Napa County landscape recovering post-Glass Fire, symbolizing hope and renewal.
Spin of a lifetime

Napa County resident wins $2,500 from OhmConnect after devastating Glass Fire

Her luck took a turn for the better when she spun the Wheel

A confident individual holding an OhmConnect prize, encouraging others to join the movement.
Let's be friends

Prize winner hoping his good luck will convince friends to try OhmConnect

“There’s literally nothing to lose. Why not give it a try?”

A vibrant multi-family community, representing collective energy-saving efforts with OhmConnect.
Everyone can help

More than 50,000 multi-family homes unplug for the planet

They’ve already taken nearly 1 Gigawatt of energy off the grid collectively

Earth cradled in caring hands, symbolizing the protective and eco-conscious ethos of OhmConnect members.
Prize for planet

New Californian joins OhmConnect to help the planet and wins $1500 prize

“The prizes aren’t my main motivation - I truly never expected to win”

A playful energy meter with game elements, representing the fun side of energy conservation.
Family funtime

Father of two wins major prize for gamifying his energy usage

“OhmConnect is like teaching kids, which I love. If you do something good, you get a treat!”

Hand-stitched masks on a table, representing love, care, and community support during challenging times.
A million thanks

Visalia nurse who distributed handmade masks honored with 1 Million Watts

“I come from a family of first responders so it’s just in my life to help others”

OhmConnect is partnering with California State Parks Foundation!
Hit the trail

OhmConnect is partnering with California State Parks Foundation!

Together we are inviting you to the experience the great outdoors in 2022

A beautifully restored Victorian home equipped with the latest smart devices, showcasing the blend of history and modernity.
A real win

Northern California man wins major prize from Ohmconnect after friends thought program was a scam

Smart plugs and a smart thermostat bring his 1800’s Victorian home into the future

City skyline at dawn, with a utilities worker diligently ensuring smooth operations, epitomizing dedication.
Taking care of everyone

Public utilities worker honored with 1 million Watts

He got up every morning at 3:30 a.m. to make sure the lights and the water stayed on for hospitals and care facilities

A physician from San Jose providing medical care to a homeless individual, highlighting selfless service.
Thanks a million

San Jose physician for homeless awarded 1 million Watts

She’s been chosen as a winner of the Thanks a Million campaign for her COVID heroism

A cup of Starbucks coffee juxtaposed with eco-friendly icons, highlighting the blend of rewards and sustainability.
Til the last drop

Brentwood high school Principal wins Starbucks for Life for his energy efficient habits!

Credits his big win to a few smart plugs, a thermostat and a bit of effort

Nurse and Dedicated Father Honored With 1 Million Watts
True dedication

Nurse and Dedicated Father Honored With 1 Million Watts

Always present with patients and his children for bedtime stories makes this San Diego man a hero to us

A poignant image of a veteran, with Justin G's campaign materials highlighting mental health support.
A true calling

Veterans Mental Health Advocate Wins 1 Million OhmConnect Watts

Justin G from San Diego is working to honor his grandfather’s legacy

A collection of trendy OhmConnect merchandise, including sunglasses and a notebook, showcasing eco-conscious style.
Get your swag

OhmConnect merch is now in the Rewards Marketplace!

Look good and do good with your sweet new sunnies.

A modern thermostat displaying optimal temperature, symbolizing efficient home cooling with OhmConnect.
Real cool winners

Small tweaks to their home cooling won this Bakersfield family a $3,500 prize

“A lot of the time we don’t even notice, yet we’re saving energy”

A compassionate nurse attending to a patient, representing dedication and care during the COVID crisis.
Thank you nurses

She rejoined nursing in the midst of the COVID crisis and won 1 million Watts

Revisiting her nursing career in the midst of COVID wasn't only brave, it also won this Redding, CA resident 1 million OhmConnect Watts.

Well-stocked grocery shelves in the foreground, with Joseph S. in action, representing commitment during the pandemic.
Truly top shelf

Grocery shelf stocker awarded 1 million Watts for heroism during COVID

Joseph S. refreshed essential items during early pandemic panic.

A teacher sharing her COVID guidebook with attentive children, representing guidance and education.
From the heart

Teacher who wrote COVID “Do’s and Don’ts” book for kids wins 1 million Watts

“They saw their parents scared so I just tried to make a happy, safe place.”

Jennifer, in her lab attire, representing the frontline heroes' commitment during the pandemic.
Can't thank you enough

Freshly-minted epidemiologist who saved seniors wins 1 million Watts

Jennifer went into the danger zone to protect the most vulnerable.

A dynamic baseball moment, capturing the spirit of victory, both in sports and with OhmConnect.
A home run

Major MLB fans win major MLB prize!

Only an OhmConnect customer for a few months, they won BIG on the Wheel.

A gentle hand holding a vaccine vial, symbolizing hope, protection, and a brighter future.
Thanks a million

One of the first pregnant women to get Covid vaccine wins 1 million Watts

“One of the wonderful things about getting any vaccine when you’re pregnant is a lot of those antibodies go straight to the baby."

A serene spa setting with calming candles and towels, representing relaxation and renewal.
Thinks are looking up

She lost her job, got Covid … and won a day at the spa

Her luck changed when she won the big prize on the OhmConnect Wheel

Ecstatic OhmConnect user celebrating her massive $5000 win, showcasing the potential of energy-saving rewards.
Watt a gamble

OhmConnect Customer Goes All In With Her Watts and Wins $5000!

“I probably could have cashed out around $250 but we just went for it, and we got lucky!”

A vibrant butterfly garden at a Huntington Beach elementary school, a testament to OhmConnect's impactful referral rewards.
Growing her winnings

OhmConnect Customer Uses Referral Rewards To Build Butterfly Garden For Local School

She’s already raised nearly $1000 for their Huntington Beach elementary school

A delighted member showcasing the impressive earnings he made through OhmConnect referrals.
It's a true story

California man earns $41,000 in one month with OhmConnect referrals

Forget hustling self-care products! OhmConnect referrals can be a SERIOUS side hustle. One CA man boosted his referral bonus on the Wheel in a BIG way.

The OhmConnect Wheel Brings a Big Win!
Spin to win

The OhmConnect Wheel Brings a Big Win!

She spun the Wheel, won four prize entries … then the trip to Disneyland!

A modern home filled with smart devices, showcasing the future of energy-saving with OhmConnect.
Water wins

New OhmConnect Customer Wins Paddleboard Set After Just Three Months of Saving Energy

His secret? Smart devices. Smart devices everywhere.

A landscape affected by wildfires, with the OhmConnect logo as a beacon of support and guidance.
Don't get burned

California and OhmConnect Gearing Up for Wildfires

Find out what to do with your OhmConnect account if you’re affected by wildfires this summer.

A serene environment with a clock, illustrating the valuable and eco-friendly nature of OhmHours.
Save grid off grid

MEGA Month Winner Uses OhmHours To Truly Disconnect

“Once I got clear on *why* saving energy matters to me, I got even more invested in OhmHours.”

A stunning, newly renovated kitchen, symbolizing Desire's dream come true with OhmConnect.
A lucky one

Longtime OhmConnect Customer Wins Dream Kitchen After Wagering Watts

OhmConnect member Desire from Novato, CA gets a big win after watching others' names called for years. Congrats to you, Desire!

A surprised prize winner holding an energy bill, symbolizing the unexpected rewards of OhmConnect.
Saving on the sly

Prize Winner Participates In OhmConnect Without Roommate Even Knowing

His energy savings paid off when he won his energy bill paid for the full year

The awe-inspiring vistas of Yosemite National Park, encapsulating the dream reward of nature's best.
Watts for wins

Efforts Pays Off: OhmConnecter Wins Trip to Yosemite in First-Ever Opt-In Prize!

She bet some of her Watts and they paid off in a BIG way

A modern living room filled with smart devices, showcasing the ease of OhmConnect's energy-saving program.
Almost too easy

OhmConnect prize winner lets her smart devices do the work

Smart plugs, a smart thermostat and an electric car that charges overnight make OhmHours a breeze

A jubilant San Diego resident, holding her $3500 check, exemplifying the potential of OhmConnect's energy-saving initiatives.
Learn from the best

San Diego Resident Wins $3500 in a Prize OhmHour Giveaway and Shares Her Energy Saving Hacks

She joined OhmConnect just over a month ago and has already struck it rich!

A relieved OhmConnect user, now debt-free, holding a symbolic $100,000 check, representing the transformative power of energy savings.
It's lifechanging

After Being Hit Hard By The Pandemic, OhmConnect’s $100,000 Winner Is Now Debt Free

“We’ve been putting our groceries on our credit card and I wasn’t sure how we’d pay it off.”

A sleek ENERGY STAR fridge in a modern kitchen, symbolizing the high-quality rewards from OhmConnect.
Real cool prize

Long-time OhmConnect Customer Wins ENERGY STAR fridge in Prize OhmHour Draw

“I was so excited. I never win anything!”

A gleeful new OhmConnect member, celebrating a major prize win, showcasing the rapid rewards of the program.
Anyone can win

Brand new OhmConnect customer wins major prize after only three days in the program

Connecting a smart thermostat to OhmConnect won this Mountainview homeowner $650

A family celebrating their reduced energy bill, showcasing the financial benefits of OhmConnect.
It's worth it

A few home upgrades helped this California family save on their energy bill - and just won them $1700

A smart thermostat cost them less than $200, but has earned them thousands.

A close-up of a modern smart thermostat, symbolizing the fusion of technology and energy efficiency with OhmConnect.
Best in class

MEGA Summer Prize Winner Qualified Automatically With a Smart Thermostat

“We have a Honeywell and not only did it win us the prize, we save money on our monthly bills too.”

A radiant OhmConnect user proudly showcasing her energy-saving achievements and the rewards she earned over the summer.
Add it up

MEGA Summer winner earns ~$1000 in a year of energy saving

“My rewards started around $2 per OhmHour but I stuck with it and it just started to grow”

A thermometer indicating record-breaking temperatures, emphasizing the importance of OhmConnect during heatwaves.
Hot hot hot

OhmConnect community more critical than ever in record-breaking heat

Big rewards are on the line in record breaking heat

A couple enjoying a scenic view at Pebble Beach, a dream trip made possible through OhmConnect's rewards.
Hole in fun

Dream Pebble Beach trip made possible with OhmHour earnings

“We paid for it using the money we earned going swimming!”

A content individual reviewing a reduced energy bill, showcasing the benefits of OhmConnect.
Almost too easy

OhmConnect prize winner outsmarts her energy bill, saves $40 each month

Pssst - the secret sauce is smart plugs.

A gleaming new car, symbolizing the grand prizes available through OhmConnect's energy-saving challenges.
Vroom vroom

MEGA Summer Prize Winner Replaces Car With Prize Winnings

“This could not have come at a better time!”

A collection of smart plugs, representing the automation and convenience they bring to OhmConnect users.
Plug it in

OhmConnect Customer Takes Home $3000 Prize After Automating Home With Smart Plugs

“My appliances all turn off on their own when there’s an #OhmHour, which is pretty cool.”

OhmConnect Customer Wins Major Prize - Without Even Realizing He’d Qualified!
Unexpected joy

OhmConnect Customer Wins Major Prize - Without Even Realizing He’d Qualified!

Referring a friend to OhmConnect paid off BIG for our latest prize winner.

A cozy indoor setting with various activities, highlighting ways to stay engaged during social distancing with OhmConnect.
Home alone

60 Productive ways to spend time when you’re social distancing

Under quarantine? Social distancing? Here's how to spend your time while you’re in isolation.

A loving couple enjoying a serene candlelit moment during an OhmHour.
Candlelight, anyone?

14 Romantic Ways to Spend an OhmHour

We're sure you can think of a few ways to spend time together in the dark, but here are 14 more romantic and creative ways to spend an OhmHour!

A vibrant birthday party setup with balloons and gifts, showcasing the joy brought by OhmConnect rewards.
Special get together

OhmConnect Cash Prize Brings 8-Year-Old’s Birthday Party to Life

Temecula Mom and daughter celebrate their energy efficiency with a $100 prize

A delighted family enjoying quality time during an OhmHour, highlighting the benefits of unplugging.
Who knew

Prize OhmHour Winner Wins Without Knowing She’d Participated in a Prize OhmHour!

Normally she earns a few dollars every OhmHour. This time, Sophia from San Diego won her mortgage paid for the month.

The iconic Disneyland castle with fireworks, symbolizing the dreamy rewards from OhmConnect.
Fun for everyone

An Hour of Unplugged Family Time Scored McKinleyville Mom a trip to Disneyland!

“I was shaking when I saw my name called as the winner. I couldn’t believe this was real!”

A darkened neighborhood during a power outage, emphasizing OhmConnect's commitment during PG&E disruptions.
We've got your back

What You Need To Know About The PG&E Outage & OhmConnect

Heads up! We will not be having any OhmHours during the PG&E outage and are postponing our MEGA Summer Grand Prize celebration accordingly. Stay tuned!

A shopping cart filled with organic produce, showcasing the sustainable choices made possible by OhmConnect rewards.
Good taste

OhmConnecter Making His Groceries More Planet-Friendly After MEGA Win

Local, organic food no longer out of reach for MEGA Summer Giveaway winner

A hand flipping a circuit breaker, symbolizing the simple action that leads to big rewards with OhmConnect.
Breaker breaker

Family Flips Circuit Breaker Weekly for Unplugged Family Time

Their dedication to fully powering down during #OhmHours scored them a $5000 prize!

A breathtaking view of New York City skyline, symbolizing the dream destinations achievable with OhmConnect rewards.
Big Apple or bust

MEGA Summer Prize Winner Taking Mom on Trip of a Lifetime

“My Mom said before she died, she’d love to see NYC. I promised myself I’d be able to make her dreams come true and now I can.”

A serene sunset with power lines in the foreground, emphasizing the importance of OhmHours during peak times.
Stay flexible

Got a last-minute, 2-hour OhmHour last night? Here’s why.

Find out why Flex Alerts happen, and how you can help the grid during times of emergency.

A glowing light bulb being held, representing the bright idea of energy saving with OhmConnect.
Five figures

OhmConnect Customer Has Earned More Than $11,000 For Her Energy Savings

She started out earning 37 cents per OhmHour. Last year, she pulled in more than $3000.

A smartphone displaying a 'Paid' stamp, highlighting the relief of having phone bills covered by OhmConnect.
Free family plan

Carlsbad Family Wins Their Cell Phone Bill Paid For The Year - Just For Using Less Energy!

They unplug once per week and last month, their small action won them a big prize.

A joyful family playing board games during an OhmHour, emphasizing quality time over screen time.
For the children

How to Bring Kids Into The Fun of OhmHours

OhmHour over the dinner hour? During bathtime? OhmConnect customers show us how OhmHours with kids can be done - and celebrated!

A beautiful wedding setup with twinkling lights, showcasing the dream celebrations made possible by OhmConnect.
Happily ever after

Latest Prize OhmHour Winner Using Money to Pay for Dream Wedding

Michelle from Murrieta, CA struck it rich -- just for unplugging once per week.

A jubilant individual holding a trophy, representing the success achieved through regular OhmHours.
Apartment power

Meet Chris from San Diego, the latest Prize OhmHour winner!

He’s figured out a way to not only beat his OhmHour goals, but cut down his energy bills too.

The magical Disneyland entrance, representing the enchanting rewards awaiting OhmConnect users.
Mouse money

Prize OhmHour Winner Taking Cash Prize & Going To Disneyland

(It only took a few tries to convince her that the prize was real!)

A glowing light bulb, symbolizing the free energy rewards achievable with consistent participation in OhmConnect.
Best year ever

Longtime OhmConnect user and California Dad wins free energy for a year

Irvine, CA family wins their SCE energy bills paid for a year in our latest Prize OhmHour giveaway

A piggy bank with coins, symbolizing the extra savings accumulated through consistent participation in OhmHours.
Baby makes three

New Parents Get Extra Money For Diapers & Some Quality Baby Time During OhmHours

“Our new conservation habits are helping us contribute some extra money towards our son’s education fund.”

A green leaf intertwined with a power cord, representing the blend of nature and energy efficiency through OhmHours.
Springs savings

OhmHours The First Step To Whole Home Efficiency for Valley Springs Homeowners

It started with an OhmHour, then a smart thermostat. Now this family is on the journey to sustainability.

Dollar bills sprouting from a plant pot, illustrating the growth of savings with OhmConnect.
Friends with money

OhmConnect Referrals Bring In Some Serious Extra Cash for Apple Valley Resident

She signed up for OhmConnect three months ago & already earned nearly $2500

Meet The Family Who Won The Disneyland Trip In a MEGA Summer Giveaway!
Disney dreams

Meet The Family Who Won The Disneyland Trip In a MEGA Summer Giveaway!

Escondido-area Dad takes his two girls on the trip of a lifetime after powering down during a MEGA OhmHour.

A jubilant individual with a golden trophy, representing the big wins achievable with OhmConnect.
Double dogs

MEGA Summer Giveaway Winner Adopts Dog on Same Day As Big Win

“It was just the best day!”

A decreasing energy bill graph, showcasing the significant savings achieved through consistent participation in OhmConnect.
Saving all year

Bakersfield Family Pays Entire Year’s Energy Bill With Earnings From OhmConnect

Last year, their annual PG&E ‘True-Up’ bill came in at $1400. In just three months of participating in #OhmHours, they’ve earned almost enough to pay it in full.

A sparkling engagement ring next to a trophy, symbolizing the dual joy of personal and OhmConnect achievements.
Double happiness

MEGA Summer Winner Wins MEGA Prize & Gets Engaged On The Same Day!

“It was so many good things in such a short period of time - it felt unreal.”

A modern smart thermostat displaying energy savings, emphasizing the benefits of integrating tech with OhmConnect.
Small bills only

A Smart Thermostat Saved One OhmConnect User 25% On Their Energy Bill This Summer

It’s been HOT this summer, but the energy savings have been real for one family, without them lifting a finger

Handshakes symbolizing partnerships, highlighting the positive impact of OhmConnect referral rewards.
Cash across the world

Engineers Without Borders Puts Their OhmConnect Referral Rewards To Good Use

The San Francisco Chapter of EWB used some savvy OhmConnect strategies to fundraise for their cause

OhmConnect User Earns More Than $650 Without His Family Even Realizing They’re Participating
Easy money

OhmConnect User Earns More Than $650 Without His Family Even Realizing They’re Participating

A few smart home devices allowed Joel and his family to participate in #OhmHours without even noticing