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A plant of some kind releases pollution into the atmosphere, this is not carbon neutral production.
Emissions terminology 101

Net-Zero, Carbon Neutral, and Zero Emissions: What’s the Difference?

What does carbon neutral mean? Understanding emissions-related terms is essential to comprehend the urgency of climate change, take informed actions to mitigate its impacts, and reduce our own emissions.

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Hidden cost of AI server rooms
AI's appetite for energy

The Hidden Energy Cost of AI Technologies

Highlighting the energy cost of AI and other technologies, this piece explores the environmental challenges and calls for sustainable solutions.

A woman and a man wearing safety vets look at solar panels together; they both have clean energy jobs
Clean jobs, clean future

Empowering Futures: Biden-Harris Inject $40 Million to Empower Clean Energy Jobs

With a historic investment in vocational education, the government is empowering a new generation of clean energy workers, creating thousands of clean energy jobs.

A picture of the UN website, focusing on the COP 28 icon
Progress and limitations

What Happened at COP28, and Should I Care About It?

The decisions and agreements made at each COP, an annual climate change conference held by the UN, shape our immediate and long-term future. But what happened at COP28?

A boat carrying liquefied natural gas, or LNG
Is LNG better?

What Is Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), and Why Should I Care About It?

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is often promoted as a 'greener' and 'transitional' energy source towards fully renewable grids. However, this characterization isn't entirely accurate. Learn more.

An image of the Department of Energy
Investing in Energy Progress

How the Department of Energy is Investing Today

To understand the evolution of the U.S. energy system, we examine the Department of Energy's current investments, revealing a strategic roadmap for our country’s energy future.

Copper wiring, which will be needed to transition to clean energy.
Metals, Morals, Methods, Momentum

Move Over, Gold: Here Are the Top 6 Metals Powering the Clean Energy Future

Discover the crucial role of six key metals in clean energy and how we can navigate the challenges they present. Uncover personal steps to contribute towards a sustainable and ethical future in this insightful exploration.

A group meets to discuss the Clean Energy to Communities Program and how they can improve access to clean energy in their area.
C2C closes the gap

What is the Clean Energy to Communities Program, and Who Is Eligible?

This program works by bridging the extensive knowledge of renewable energy experts in research labs with individuals across the country who, while eager to enhance their communities, may possess more excitement for clean energy than deep knowledge or resources.

Smiling kids on a clean school bus, they are breathing better air because it’s electric.
Clean buses for kids

$500 Million Now Available for Clean School Buses; Apply Now!

The United States’ largest public transportation system is our fleet of around 500,000 school buses. Now, there is $5 billion to help turn many of those into clean school buses.

Someone highlighting the word “lawsuit” in green highlighter on a piece of paper. More and more lawsuits are being brought to try and fight climate change
Suing for sustainability

The Case for Climate

Americans are bringing climate change to the courthouse in ongoing legal battles demanding stronger environmental action and accountability.

A young paramedic smiles at the camera, she is part of the new American Climate Corps program, which will include jobs for emergency responders for extreme weather events.
Youth are the future

The American Climate Corps: A 21st Century Solution rooted in a New Deal model

The American Climate Corps will be critical in giving young people paths to good-paying jobs in the climate sector. Learn more!

Carbon capture technology at a plant. This technology captures carbon before it is released into the atmosphere and then stores it underground to reduce the impacts of that greenhouse gas.
A growing climate solution

Why Carbon Capture is a Solution Attracting Billions

Get a snapshot of efforts to remove carbon from our atmosphere.

A female wind turbine technician stands in a field of wind turbines with a tablet and hard hat. She is part of the recent boom in green energy professions.
Join the climate workforce

A Burst of Energy — New Opportunities in Green Energy Professions

With the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions, tradespeople are at the heart of the clean energy transition.

A photo of the Hoover Dam at sunset, which is a hydropower plant and a renewable energy resource.
Renewables for the win

What Are the Five Main Renewable Energy Resources?

The basics of the five renewable energy resources and the future of each.

Community solar projects let homeowners who don’t have good solar coverage benefit from local clean energy.
Let the sun shine

The Bright Side of Community Solar Projects

Community solar projects let homeowners who don’t have good solar coverage benefit from local clean energy.

Here’s how fracking and renewables are changing US energy production
More power

Here’s how fracking and renewables are changing US energy production

Using annual report info from the Energy Information Administration, OhmConnect looked into how the U.S. generates its power, and how the rise of renewable energy fits into the future landscape.

Extreme Heat Means Extreme Demand On The Energy Grid
Let's reduce demand

Extreme Heat Means Extreme Demand On The Energy Grid

OhmConnect members can play a key role in electricity management during critical times

It’s Been Exactly 1 Year Since the US Withdrew From the Paris Agreement: Here Are 5 Reasons We're Hopeful on Climate
We can do this

1 Year Since the US Withdrew From the Paris Agreement: 5 Reasons We're Hopeful on Climate

This time last year, we mourned a decision that could have meant catastrophic outcomes for the country and the world. Today we celebrate our country’s resilience, ambition, and commitment to doing what’s right.

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A family evaluating their garden based on new USDA plant hardiness zones.
Altered Zones, New Norms

Gardening in a Changing Climate: What the Revised USDA Hardiness Zones Mean for You

Delve into the nuances of the recently revised USDA Hardiness Zones and discover how these crucial changes will impact your gardening choices and strategies in an era of climate change.

keep kids safe from wildfire smoke
Save the children

How to protect yourself and your family from wildfire smoke

As climate change increases the risk of wildfires around the globe, use this guide to keep your family safe from the impacts of secondhand smoke

A family spends time together during a blackout
Stay safe

8 Tips To Prepare Your Home For a Blackout

Caught in a blackout? Don't get left in the dark! Here are a few simple things you can do to prepare your home and your family for a summer power outage.

Power lines in winter
Weathering the grid challenge

Adapting to a Changing Climate: Strengthening Our Power Grid Against Natural Disasters

Peek into the future of power grid resilience in the face of increasing challenges posed by climate change.

A woman reads a climate book on a yellow couch
Reading for climate impact

Caring for Our Planet: A Gift Guide of Climate Books for Kids and Adults

Book recommendations for kids, sci-fi fans, nonfiction nerds and policy wonks alike. You’ll find an interesting read for anyone on your list in OhmConnect’s list of climate books.

A man ties his boot, which may be vegan “leather” or may be real leather, he made his choice based on the environment.
Buy less, choose well

Leather and the Environment: Is Vegan “Leather” Actually Better?

Is vegan "leather" really better for the environment? Learn about the pros and cons of vegan and traditional leather.

An older couple has a vegetarian dinner, choosing to eat less meat for their wallets, health and the earth.
Try Meatless Mondays

Sustainable Menu: How to Have a More Planet-Friendly Diet by Eating Less Meat

12% of Americans consume 50% of the country's beef. Learn why we should try minimizing our red meat consumption.

Carbon emissions are both upfront and embodied, as it takes energy to build and live as part of our daily lives.
It all adds up

Understanding Carbon Emissions and our Whole-Life Carbon Footprint

What does it mean when someone attributes their actions to carbon emissions or a corporation claims to be curbing their emissions, is it simply burning less fossil fuel as part of its business?

Michigan climate laws have recently been passed. Photo of a river in Michigan.
Swing state climate laws

Michigan Ushers in a Greener Future with Groundbreaking Suite of Climate Laws for Statewide Decarbonization and Clean Energy Revolution

Michigan passed four new climate laws aimed at statewide decarbonization and transitioning to a clean energy economy, making it a climate-leading state.

The Redondo Beach power plant against a clear ocean backdrop, emphasizing the urgency for sustainable change.
We don't need it

Power Down For Good: Let’s shut down the Redondo Beach power plant

Even when it works, the Redondo Beach power plant is horribly inefficient and environmentally harmful. Local officials are now partnering with OhmConnect to shut it down.

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