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Man laying stone and working on sustainable hardscape for his front yard.
Exploring Sustainable Hardscape

Building Green: Exploring Sustainable Hardscape Solutions for your Landscape

Take a high-level look at sustainable hardscape solutions for your landscape including natural stone, wood, aggregates and concrete.

Woman and her child in the garden after learning some early spring garden tips.
Is it really spring?

Early Spring Garden Tips

It's time to do some maintenance, setup, and planting to get the most out of your outdoor space this summer with these garden tips!

A family evaluating their garden based on new USDA plant hardiness zones.
Altered Zones, New Norms

Gardening in a Changing Climate: What the Revised USDA Hardiness Zones Mean for You

Delve into the nuances of the recently revised USDA Hardiness Zones and discover how these crucial changes will impact your gardening choices and strategies in an era of climate change.

A man uses a gas-powered lawn mower, and the emissions from the machine are making the air smoky.
Say bye to noise+pollution

Ditch That Gas-Guzzling Lawnmower and Electrify Your Yard Maintenance Tools

Old-fashioned gas-powered garden maintenance tools are out! Their electric and battery powered counterparts are surpassing expectations, reducing emissions, and limiting the noise of lawn care.

A rolled up layer of grass, which is pretty bad for the environment. Choosing alternative ground cover and landscaping is better for you and the planet.
Kill the green monster

It’s Time to Break Up With Your Lawn

Why so many environmentalists are begging you to tear out your turf lawn and what you can do instead, from a professional landscape architect.

 A photo of a patio with partial covering and lots of native plants, which were chosen with water conservation in mind.
A "greener" landscape how-to

Ideas for a "Greener" Landscape to Save Water and Energy

What to consider when taking on projects to make your landscape "greener" so that it conserves water and energy.

A drought-tolerant landscape at sunset. There are native plants and part of a home. This landscape is designed to conserve water.
Save water, save money

How to Create a Drought-Tolerant Landscape

A step-by-step guide for creating a home landscape that requires minimal water.

Landscaping can help with a home's energy efficiency
Throw some shade

How to Use Landscaping to Increase Your Home's Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is about more than simply turning off your lights. Find out how landscaping for energy efficiency can lower your energy bills!

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A family sitting on their porch with a pumpkin, two parents and two kids. They are thinking through their fall home maintenance list to get ready for the change in seasons.
The leaves are changing

Fall Home Maintenance: Make Your Home Last Longer and Perform Better

Indoor, outdoor, and professional needed home maintenance tasks for the fall.

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A sustainable landscape as discussed on Smart Energy
No grass, no gas

Smart Energy Podcast Episode 7

On this episode of Smart Energy we're talking about energy vampires, those devices that might be drawing power when you least expect it, sustainable landscaping with Leon Hordijk, and whether battery powered yard tools are worth it.

A forest, which is the subject of this Smart Energy podcast
Hot hot hot

Smart Energy Podcast Episode 1

In this episode of Smart Energy, host Andrew Zoellner talks with Curt Tongue about extreme heat, then chats with Austin, TX arborist Jesse Neumann about the challenges of keeping trees alive in urban environments. And, we take some time to answer a question about buying a new washer and dryer.

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