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A drought-tolerant landscape at sunset. There are native plants and part of a home. This landscape is designed to conserve water.
Save water, save money

How to Create a Drought-Tolerant Landscape

A step-by-step guide for creating a home landscape that requires minimal water.

A heat pump outside a home after a snow storm
Pump it up

Do Heat Pumps Work in Cold Climates? Maine Says Yes!

Do heat pumps work in cold climates? There's a new answer!

A duel fuel heating system uses both a heat pump and a fossil-fuel furnace to keep your home warm.
New tech, old backup

What Is A Dual-Fuel Heating System

A duel fuel heating system uses both a heat pump and a fossil-fuel furnace to keep your home warm.

A father and daughter reviewing their refrigerator contents together, the full fridge is best for energy efficiency.
Cool for less

The Refrigerator Energy Use Guide - Saving Money and the Planet

Your guide to all things energy efficient refrigerators

Sunlight on wooden stair steps show high quality healthy finishes in a home.
Ban bad air

Ditch Microplastics and Embrace Sustainable Finishes in Your Home

Your guide to healthy and sustainable finishes, including avoiding microplastics and VOCs

A furnace in an old house
Hot alternatives

Will My Furnace Work When the Power Is Out?

When electric power goes out for days and even weeks at a time, we all have to consider how we’ll keep our furnace going or find other ways to heat and cool.

A leaking water heater means it’s time for replacement.
Water heater world

Should I Replace My Water Heater?

Water heaters don’t have a particularly long lifespan. If yours is around 10 years old, it’s wise to consider replacing it, and with rebates, you should definitely consider a heat pump water heater.

Learn how to heat my house when the grid goes down
Back it up

How Do I Heat My House When the Grid Goes Down?

Losing your electric power is inconvenient for a few hours, but it can also be quite dangerous if you lose your heating system in the winter months. So what can you do to prepare?

An electric dryer
Dry baby, dry!

Maximizing Efficiency and Savings with Your Electric Dryer: An Energy Guide

Unlock energy-saving secrets for your electric dryer! Learn efficient usage, lifespan, upgrades, and smart tips to cut costs and boost sustainability.

Washing machine energy use improves with a full load, as shown here
Laundry 101

The Washing Machine Energy Use Guide: Saving Money and the Planet

Your guide to all things energy efficient washing machines

Ground-source heat pumps are a simple solution to heating and cooling housing.
Beneath your feet

Geothermal Energy and Ground Source Heat: A Sustainable Solution for Your Home

Ground-source heat pumps harness the thermal mass of the earth to heat and cool homes.

A window air conditioner can help cool homes without central air conditioning
Variable speed, baby

What to look for in an energy-efficient window air conditioner

There are good options for temporary window air conditioners available for nearly anyone and any window. Look for Energy Star ratings, and pay attention to CEER and think about paying extra for inverter technology.

Having a backup power source to keep your home running during a power outage is critical.
Be prepared

What to do during a long power outage

Power outages are on the rise as our energy grid is under increasing stress. Here are some tips to make sure you stay safe during a long power outage.

power outage resetting a circuit breaker
Be prepared

When the lights go out: Making the most of a short power outage

Whether it’s an hour or a day long, it’s never a bad idea to be prepared for what to do during a power outage

Heat pump condenser outside in Southwest
Heat pumps are cool

Electric Heat Pump Conversion: What to Consider

Upgrading to a heat pump for heating and cooling makes sense economically and for the environment, but what else do you need to know?

A family cooking in the kitchen
Cool eats

7 Summertime Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Comfortably Cool Without Running Up Your Energy Bill

Stay cool and save money! From meal planning to air-drying, follow this step-by-step recipe to prepare your kitchen for summer energy savings.

keep kids safe from wildfire smoke
Save the children

How to protect yourself and your family from wildfire smoke

As climate change increases the risk of wildfires around the globe, use this guide to keep your family safe from the impacts of secondhand smoke

Close the blinds to cool down a room without AC
Cool your bills, stat

How To Keep Cool Without Air-Conditioning This Summer

Electricity prices are high: don't waste money on AC this summer. We've got four simple tricks to help beat the heat without breaking the bank!

A child eats a popsicle to keep cool without AC
Beat the heat

10 Top Rated Amazon Items to Keep You Cool Without AC

Don't swelter in the heat this summer. Get some relief and stay cool with these 10 top-rated products on Amazon. Perfect if you don't have AC!

Interior living room with lots of windows
See clearly

Energy Efficient Windows: A Smart Choice for a Greener Home

Looking for a home upgrade that won't just increase curb appeal but help lower your monthly energy costs too? Look no further than energy efficient windows

An installer prepares a heat pump
Energy moved

Heat Pump Basics: Everything You Need To Know

Ahh, the mysterious heat pump. Meet the energy-efficient alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems that's all the rage right now.

A sign in a store window about the building's air conditioning
Cool those bills

Supercool Your Home to Save Money on Air Conditioning

Looking to save money on air conditioning this summer? This strategy keeps you chill while taking advantage of Time of Use pricing. Ka-ching!

Landscaping can help with a home's energy efficiency
Throw some shade

How to Use Landscaping to Increase Your Home's Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is about more than simply turning off your lights. Find out how landscaping for energy efficiency can lower your energy bills!

The Best Cheap & Free Tools for Home Energy Efficiency
You can do it

The Best Cheap & Free Tools for Home Energy Efficiency

Making your home energy efficient shouldn't break the bank. Check out our best tips to save on your energy bill.

How to stay cool and save energy during heat waves
Splash zone

How to stay cool and save energy during heat waves

Use these simple, low-cost tips to stay comfortable and keep your energy bill in check (and even get paid!) during heat waves

How to Improve Air Quality in Your Home
Breathe easy

How to Improve Air Quality in Your Home

Four easy steps to improve the air you and your family breathes.