Smart Plugs

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A smart power strip on a wooden background
Plug into green tech

Smart Power Strips 101: A Beginner's Guide

Smart power strips revolutionize home energy use, automatically cutting power to unused devices and curbing unnecessary expenses.

An outlet on the wall, where you could employ a smart plug
Control More, Consume Less

Save Energy and Money: Top Picks for Smart Plug Usage

Learn about the ultimate appliances to pair with a smart plug and which ones to avoid. Unveil the secrets to saving energy and simplifying your life with these essential tips!

A person powers on a smart plug.
Plug In, Power Smart

How Do Smart Plugs Work? — A Beginner's Guide To Automating Energy Savings

Smart plugs offer the convenience of remote control of appliances, the efficiency of timers and scheduling for automated operation, and the advantage of energy monitoring to help reduce consumption and costs.

A man uses his phone to control his smart plugs, easily automating his home.
Smart plugs, smarter living

How To Automate Your Life With Smart Plugs — Resourceful Tricks to Simplify Your Daily Routines

From scheduling your devices to work in harmony with your daily routine to remotely controlling them with your smartphone, these smart plug strategies empower you to make your home more comfortable and customized.

A pair of Wemo smart plugs that need to be recycled
It's upgrade time

PSA: It's Time to Recycle Your Old Wemo Smart Plugs (If You Haven’t Already)

Need another reason to switch to an OhmPlug? There’s a problem with the Wemo Smart Plug Mini V2, and Belkin isn’t going to fix it. Upgrade time!

A man looks at a smart plug and his OhmConnect app
Make the investment

Meet the $11 Smart Plug That Could Save You $27 Every Year!

Here's how I "smartened" up my apartment, helped the planet and saved on my electricity bill with an OhmPlug smart plug. Cost $11, saves me $27 annually!

A refrigerator smart plug can alert you to issues with your refrigerator
It's just smart

Why It’s Time to Put a Smart Plug on Your Refrigerator

Putting a smart plug on your refrigerator yet? If not, meet the smart home hack OhmConnect members use to rack up big energy savings and even earn rewards.

A smart plug that saves electricity
Get smart with plugs

Smart Plug Life Hacks to Make Your Home More Efficient and Just Plain More Fun

Is a smart plug your home's best friend yet? It should be! Save electricity and money with some strategically placed smart plugs. We've got the tips!

TP-Link Smart Plug on a wall. What's the best place to put my smart plug? We'll let you know.
Location, location, location

Where’s the best place to put my smart plugs?

High five, you! You got a smartplug, an easy way to save energy and money every month. Now we want to help you be smart about where you put it.

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Smart Energy is learning to DIY
DIY essentials

Smart Energy Podcast Episode 10

We go over highlights from the past episodes, chat about Editor-in-Chief's inspiring background in DIY/home improvement, how individuals can build more confidence in tackling home projects themselves, and answer a listener question about what to do with grounded outlets.

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