What is an
#OhmHour ?

Once or twice per week, a local power plant near your home turns on. This isn’t any ordinary power plant. It produces 2 - 3x the carbon emissions that a typical power plant generates and spews out local pollution into the surrounding neighborhoods. Why does this power plant turn on? It’s quite simple actually.
  1. The grid produces just enough electricity to meet the demand of all those users.
  2. That amount of electricity is calculated by looking at the average historical usage in the area.
  3. Sometimes people use more electricity than is expected and another power plant has to turn on to prevent a blackout.
If you were running the electricity grid, wouldn’t you prefer to pay people to use less electricity rather than pay a power plant to turn on? The grid stays balanced, less pollution is emitted, and best of all, people get paid instead of power plants. It’s a win-win-win.

That’s how Ohmconnect works. Your household electricity reductions are sold back into the grid, a dirty power plant stays off, and we pass back those earnings to you. It’s never been easier to live green and make green.

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