Smart home technology and OhmConnect

Smart home technology supercharges your home with the tools and products to make it more safe, efficient and convenient than ever before.

Easy to set up and maintain, you can smoothly connect to your home’s devices, appliances and products using your smartphone or connected device - giving you remote access from anywhere to the things that matter most. And when you add OhmConnect into the mix? Not only can you save money on your energy bill but you’ll be earning extra cash, too.

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Why connect a smart home device?

Smart home devices like smart thermostats, smart plugs and smart light control systems can help you save energy on their own, but their impact is multiplied when they’re connected to your OhmConnect account.

By connecting a smart home device with OhmConnect you can:

Where’s the best place to put a smart plug?

A smart plug is any type of wifi-enabled, plug-in electrical socket that allows you to control the devices attached to it from your phone or through an automated set of rules. And it can save you a ton of energy! But where’s the best place to put it to maximize energy efficiency and earn the most extra cash during #OhmHours?

This blog has loads of tips and tricks that can help you decide:

Smart plug in a smart home plugged in at different places
Where's the best place to put my smart plug?

You got a smart plug - now be smart about where you put it.

Which smart home devices work with OhmConnect?

Simplify your life with this collection of innovative smart home products that seamlessly integrate with OhmConnect:

Smart Thermostats

Smart Plugs
TP Link HS110 smart plug in white
TP-Link HS110 Smart plug:

We've tested all the top smart plugs on the market, and TP-LINKs are our clear favorites. Every plug is easy to set up, intuitive to use and reliable.

Smart home automation with IFTTT

Want to make your #OhmHour participation even more seamless and integrated? You totally can.

OhmConnect works with IFTTT, which means that your OhmConnect account can now trigger a variety of actions on other online accounts you own, such as Gmail, Domino's, Fitbit, and many, many others. For example, you can make your Fitbit buzz at the start of an #OhmHour, to remind you to get out and walk towards your daily goal of 10,000 steps. Amazing, right?

Take a look at the IFTTT applets that already exist for OhmConnect here or go ahead and create your own applets here! We also would love for you to join our community’s IFTTT discussion and share your awesome applets for #OhmHours!

IFTTT connection illustration
OhmConnect is now live on IFTTT!
There are hundreds of actions you can take on IFTTT to make your life more connected and integrated - and to help you maximize your earnings with OhmConnect.