OhmConnect Tips and Tricks

Whether you're just getting started with OhmConnect or are an energy-saving maven, there's a good chance you'll learn something new with this OhmConnect Tips and Tricks guide.

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Tip #1: Automate your savings with smart devices

Ecobee smart plu on the wall showing a brown and white desk

The secret sauce for many OhmConnect users who routinely earn loads of rewards is smart devices. Smart devices are things like smart thermostats and smart plugs — and they’re smart because they connect to your home’s internet and can be controlled from anywhere. Even if you’re not an OhmConnect community member, smart home technology should be in the “tips and tricks” handbook for any energy saver.

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Smart device-specific tips and tricks:
Diamond status of OhmConnect portrayed by a neon sign hand holding a diamond

Tip #2: Get to Diamond status, and quick!

Every OhmConnect user has a status Level, ranging from Silver to Diamond. Your status is determined by how much you reduce during OhmHours and how many OhmHours you participate in. The higher your status, the more rewards you can claim in the Rewards Marketplace. Our very best tip and trick? When an OhmHour comes your way, reduce as much energy as you possibly can to score that top-level status.

Read more about status levels and how you can level up, here

Status-specific tips and tricks:
Keyboard with a key named refer a friend as symbol for a tip for OhmConnect savings

Tip #3: Earn extra cash with $20 for every person you refer to OhmConnect

OhmConnect is a power-in-numbers program. The more people save, the more impact our community makes. We want to encourage you to continue sharing our program with your friends, so we offer a referral program that gives your friends more of an incentive to join. Some of our users have earned thousands of dollars through referrals and would consider this one of our very best tips and tricks.

Earn a quick $20 by referring a friend to the program

Referral-specific tips and tricks:

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