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A man inside an EV, he is going to drive along and do roadway charging
Charge while you cruise

Driving Into the Future: The Street That Charges Your Electric Vehicle

Imagine a world where your car charges while you drive – Detroit's new road is making it a reality. Roadway charging is the latest!

An array of clocks with charging symbols, symbolizing time-of-use rate plans for electricity
Time Waits For None

Utilities Want to Charge You Based on Time-Of-Use Rates. Are You Ready?

Time-of-use rate plans mean electricity costs vary depending on when you use it. Here’s everything you need to know to keep your electric bill from spiking under one of these plans.

A woman works at a composting plant and stands among piles of composting organic material. This is what climate progress looks like
Progress isn't always pretty

What Climate Progress (Actually) Looks Like

It might surprise you what climate progress looks like, take a look!

California’s new target is to shift the equivalent of electricity used by 7 million homes from the evening to the daytime.
Be bold and flexible

California’s Bold Flexible Demand Goal and Our Clean Energy Future

California’s new target is to shift the equivalent of electricity used by 7 million homes from the evening to the daytime.

Two people walking in front of California's senate building, discussing the electric grid.
The future is here

California’s Electric Grid is Teetering. The State Just Took a Big Step to Fix It.

Bold new legislation sets a statewide goal for Flexible Demand, provides the funding to reach it, and will eliminate regulatory barriers.

Ways to help during a Flex Alert - a photo of an OhmPlug smart plug on top of money
Just the beginning

How to Engage CA’s Biggest Savers in Flex Alerts

The OhmConnect community delivered reductions on the Flex Alert despite not being incentivized to do so; unfortunately, many of our best users were forced to sit out

OhmConnect CEO Cisco DeVries and his son, enjoying the perks of remote working, sitting on their couch
Get comfy

Last Year I Wrote About Remote Working. I Was Wrong.

Almost a year into the pandemic, here’s my new advice.

A neighborhood of houses with OhmConnect logos on the roofs
Let's all do better

Deep Dive Into OhmConnect’s Community Response During Summer 2020

OhmConnect customers powered down in a big way last August and should be praised for their hard work

An illustration of smart home devices overlaid on a green landscape, representing people power
When our powers combine

“People Power” at its Best: Resi-Station

We’re building the largest virtual power plant in North America.

A graph representing OhmConnect's impact on the energy grid during an OhmHour
Don't be demanding

OhmConnect’s Response to California Energy Grid Challenges

OhmConnect Instrumental In Stabilizing the Grid During Forced Black Outs

A long road with the hot sun overhead, hot weather stressing the power grid.
We have an answer

California’s Power Grid Was in Crisis -- and OhmConnect Responded!

Our OhmConnect community collectively saved enough energy to power 625,000 homes and helped avoid two days of forced black outs.

California blackout on a busy street
Demand flex

California’s Rolling Blackouts are Unnecessary

We can quickly build hundreds of megawatts of demand flexibility and eliminate the need for rolling blackouts --​ by *paying* people to network their appliances

A woman in a mask looks at her tablet, worried about her electricity expenses
Help is here

Disadvantaged Californians Could Face Additional $174M in COVID-19 Related Electricity Expenses

Six ways to ensure all families have continued access to public utility services, including household energy

A collage of photos of OhmConnect team members who work from home, on Zoom
Carve out space

Top 5 Work From Home Lessons from a Remote CEO

How I was surprised to find that a remote work culture has made us stronger, more resilient, more productive, and better able to attract top talent.

An illustrated graphic of the a virus on a smoke stack, representing high electric bills from COVID-19
Prices are going up

COVID-19 May Cost CA Customers $1.2 Billion in Higher Electric Bills

Increase in residential bills only one of the large changes we are seeing in energy use.

An illustrated graphic of the Power Perspectives podcast, discussing demand response
Hear our secrets

2020: Demand Response & Flexibility Via Residential Customers

OhmConnect's founder, Matt Duesterberg, was featured in this week's Energy Central Power Perspectives™ Podcast, where they dove into the world of on demand load shifting and the business model it supports outside of the utility space. Listen to it now!

2020 Energy forecast: an illustration of the words "energy predictions"
What we see

2020 Energy Forecast: What you Need to Know

The power behind the changing industry. Energy Expert Matt Duesterberg, co-founder and CRO of OhmConnect, the leading clean energy program, dives into his 2020 energy predictions.

A man and woman do virtual work at a coffee shop
Stay flexible

Virtual Work: OhmConnect Goes Remote and “R-Ohm’s” Free

16 lessons learned after a San Francisco startup ditched the office life and went fully virtual

Two kids load a dishwasher, unaware of how Time of Use pricing will affect their energy bill
Get used to it

Understanding Your Energy Bill: Time-of-Use Rates 101

Let’s spend some time with Time-of-Use Rates

An illustrated graphic of the stock market over electric cables, representing energy market
It's all connected

A Deep Dive Into Energy Markets: The Details Of How OhmConnect Gets Paid

So how DOES OhmConnect make money anyways?

A picture of four of the founding OhmConnect members, discussing electricity transformation
Load management

The Transformation of the Electricity Grid: What is OhmConnect doing that’s so innovative?

I sat down with OhmConnect CEO Matt Duesterberg to get the scoop.

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Woman charges her EV, as EV sales are actually up
An EV traffic check

Are EV Sales Skidding to a Halt? Despite Warnings, There’s Reason for Optimism

Are EV sales really slowing? Despite automakers dire predictions for the EV industry, the market is growing fast, hitting multiple milestones in 2023.

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