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It’s the side hustle that’s a win-win-win:
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Here’s how OhmConnect’s
referral program works:

1. Sign up / Sign in

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2. Share a link

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3. Get rewarded

Every time one of your contacts links their utility account to OhmConnect, you earn money!

4. Repeat

There’s no limit to how many people you can refer to OhmConnect. Start earning!

This member earned $41,000 in one month!

Some creative ways to share:

Keyboard with a key named refer a friend as symbol for a tip for OhmConnect savings

Community group sharing

Share OhmConnect with your friends at church, dance class, bowling league, etc. Who doesn’t love a friend who helps them save money?

Share with neighbors

Want to put up a flier on telephone poles near your home with your OhmConnect QR code? You can do that!

Fundraise for your school or charity

Don’t need the cash? Consider using the OhmConnect referral program as a way to fundraise for your local school or charity, like this member who raised enough to build a butterfly garden for her son’s elementary school.

Get social

Have a blog, bustling Instagram account, or Facebook page? Share the opportunity with your online community!

Got questions?
We’ve got answers:

Keyboard with a key named refer a friend as symbol for a tip for OhmConnect savings

Program Rules

If you can think of a way to refer someone to OhmConnect, it’s probably awesome! But there are a few details to note: OhmConnect currently is available only to residents of California, Texas and New York and meet other requirements..

Also, the following are prohibited:

  • Creating multiple or fake accounts
  • Referring a person more than once
  • Signing someone up without their permission

We reserve the right to change referral rewards at any time. Find full terms and conditions for the Referral Program here.