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Need some help paying bills? Or maybe to trim down your monthly expenses? If you’ve dreamed of finding a legitimate way to earn passive income and make money online, you’ve come to the right place.

With OhmConnect, you can get paid to save energy.
Good for your planet, and good for your wallet.
Here’s where we show you how it’s done.

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Make Money With OhmConnect Points

Whenever you beat your energy forecast during a Points #OhmHour, you'll earn points. (Not sure what an #OhmHour is? Start here.) And points are worth money! Each point is worth $0.01 (so for example, 8801 points = $88.01) Once you've earned at least 1,000 points, you can do one of the following:

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The Key to Fast Cash Is Understanding Your Energy Forecast

In order to earn OhmConnect points (which you can cash-out as fast cash or gift cards), you need to use less energy than you’re forecasted to during the #OhmHour.

At its most basic, your energy forecast is an average. It represents how much electricity you are expected to use during an #OhmHour and is calculated using your historical smart meter data.

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Make money tip #1: Streaks. How you can earn passive income during #OhmHours

At OhmConnect we are on the lookout for committed energy-savers who consistently beat their forecast.  That consistency is rewarded with something we call streak bonuses. Your streak measures the number of consecutive #OhmHours in which you beat your forecast.

A few things to know:

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Make money tip #2: Statuses. Earn extra cash for deep energy reductions

Every OhmConnect user has a Status Level, ranging from Carbon to Diamond. Your Status is determined by how much you reduce during #OhmHours and how many #OhmHours you participate in. The higher your Status, the more points (free money) and prizes you'll earn.

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Win big with Prize #OhmHours

Prize #OhmHours are a lot like regular #OhmHours — they're hours during the week when saving energy helps the grid and earns you rewards. You'll know it's a Prize #OhmHour by the star on the #OhmHour on your dashboard:

Dashboard of OhmHours showing Prize OhmHours

Instead of earning points for using less energy however, Prize #OhmHours give you a chance to win a prize. You'll get an energy-saving goal for each Prize #OhmHour, and if you beat it, you'll be entered to win the next prize drawings (which happens every 2 weeks).

The Prize goal will be lower than your average energy use (what we call your forecast for regular #OhmHours), but it will be a lot easier to beat than the goals are for MEGA #OhmHours.

Read all the details about Prize #OhmHours, here.

Winning Tokens: Yet Another Way to Get Rewarded

Tokens are a second type of reward, but unlike points, tokens are not redeemable for cash. You can spend your tokens in the token marketplace for prizes or on special cards that give you temporary ‘power ups.’ For instance, the ‘Streak Shield’ card will protect your streak from one accidental overage.
Tokens let anyone in the world participate in #OhmHours, without having to connect a smart meter.
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