daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back
daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back

Latest Prize OhmHour Winner Using Money to Pay for Dream Wedding

Michelle from Murrieta, CA struck it rich -- just for unplugging once per week.
Michelle from Murrieta, CA struck it rich -- just for unplugging once per week.

“This is so exciting!  … I never win anything!”

This was what we heard when we called our latest Prize OhmHour winner, Michelle M from Murrieta, CA to deliver the news that she’d won a trip to Disneyland.

But what we got to deliver turned out to be even better than a trip; a wedding!

Michelle has decided that she’d like to take the cash prize equivalent and put the money towards the wedding that she and her fiance had been talking, but weren’t quite sure how they’d afford.

“We were actually just talking about this. How in the hell are we going to put a wedding together?” she said with a laugh.

Luckily for Michelle, her weekly routine of unplugging for OhmHours helped her get closer to that goal.

Michelle’s secret to beating her OhmHour goals, every time

A platinum-status OhmConnect user, Michelle currently lives alone in a 1-bedroom apartment, where she regularly participates in #OhmHours by powering down every light, electronic and appliance in her home except for her TV and a small lamp.

“My fiance is moving home next month but while it’s been just me in the apartment, it’s been really easy to hit my OhmHour goals,” she explained.

“I also find that by doing OhmHours, I’ve just generally developed better habits around energy use. I leave fewer lights on and I’m more conscious of what I’m using. I only think of these things because of OhmConnect.”

Prize OhmHour win came out of the blue

An OhmHour participant on and off for the past five years, Michelle didn’t expect her unplugging to score her a big win, and wasn’t watching the live broadcast when it happened, but found out via Facebook shortly after.

“Someone that I didn’t know actually sent me a message on Facebook to tell me to tune in to the broadcast because I’d won!” she said. “I checked my OhmConnect dashboard and my email right away and didn’t see anything but then I clicked on the live video and saw my name being called. I was like ‘Oh my god!’ …  I couldn’t believe it!”

Michelle’s efforts to conserve energy are not only helping to cut down her energy bills and do good for the planet but are now helping her make her wedding a reality too.

“Sometimes things just fall into place.”

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