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A couple and their child reach into their pantry to grab a jar. The pantry is well organized due to energy-efficient storage solutions.
Kitchen organization

The Power of Pantry Upgrades: Energy-Efficient Storage Solutions

Tips to give your pantry a smart upgrade that maximizes space while minimizing waste – both in terms of resources and money.

A woman looking in her fridge, it’s on eco-mode
Chill smarter, not harder

What Is Eco-Mode on a Refrigerator or Freezer — And Should You Use It?

Leverage your refrigerator’s eco-mode for energy-saving features to reduce annual electricity expenses and enhance efficiency.

New stove that meets stove efficiency standards
Savings on the burner

New 2024 Stove Efficiency Standards: What They Mean for You

The Biden administration's new stove efficiency standards aim to significantly reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, saving Americans $1.6 billion over 30 years.

A woman who replaced her gas stove with an induction cook top
Stirring up cleaner air

Breathe Easy, Cook Clean: It’s Time to Replace Your Gas Stove

The quiet culprit: how your gas stove impacts climate and health. Discover the ample health and environmental benefits of bidding farewell to your gas stove.

A man and child load a dishwasher on eco-mode
Dishes, sustainability, and savings

Are You Using Your Dishwasher's Eco-Mode Correctly? Find Out Now!

Clean dishes, clear conscience: learn about the environmental benefits of your dishwasher’s eco-mode and its role in minimizing your carbon dishprint.

A woman standing by a microwave, which is not ENERGY START rated.
Cooking up energy savings

Why Aren't Stoves, Ranges, and Microwaves ENERGY STAR Rated?

Learn why stoves, ranges, and microwaves are absent from the ENERGY STAR program and learn how to choose energy-efficient cooking appliances.

A woman uses an induction cooktop. She used the OhmConnect energy use guide to choose her new cooktop.
Cook for cheaper

The Ultimate Cooktop & Oven Energy Use Guide – Saving Money and The Planet

Don’t buy your next oven, cooktop, or stove without reviewing OhmConnect’s energy use guide. You’ll learn the pros and cons of each type for your family, including energy efficiency.

An older couple is having coffee together in their kitchen, they have a number of countertop appliances and are deciding which are most useful and efficient
Built to last

A Guide to Actually Useful (And Efficient!) Countertop Appliances

Your guide to our favorite energy-efficient countertop appliances

A father and daughter reviewing their refrigerator contents together, the full fridge is best for energy efficiency.
Cool for less

The Refrigerator Energy Use Guide - Saving Money and the Planet

Your guide to all things energy efficient refrigerators

A family cooking in the kitchen
Cool eats

7 Summertime Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Comfortably Cool Without Running Up Your Energy Bill

Stay cool and save money! From meal planning to air-drying, follow this step-by-step recipe to prepare your kitchen for summer energy savings.

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A full dishwasher, as pictured here, is best for dishwasher energy use
Save, don’t scrub

The Dishwasher Energy Use Guide: Saving Money and the Planet

Your guide to all things energy efficient dishwashers

A smart fridge is a great way to save energy
Cool savings inside

What is a smart fridge, and should you invest in one?

Want the scoop on smart fridges and how they can save you energy and money on your next electrical bill? Here's everything you need to know.

A woman loads her energy efficient dishwasher
Save money and time

A Guide to Energy-Efficient Dishwashers

Looking for the most energy efficient dishwashers to save money? We've got everything you need to know to get squeaky clean while staying green.

gas stoves are more dangerous than we think
Let's settle the debate

Let’s Settle the Debate: Are Gas Stoves as Bad as They're Made Out to Be?

Are gas stoves bad? For my health? For the environment? For my kids? We've got all the latest news you can use. Here's what researchers are saying.

A refrigerator smart plug can alert you to issues with your refrigerator
It's just smart

Why It’s Time to Put a Smart Plug on Your Refrigerator

Putting a smart plug on your refrigerator yet? If not, meet the smart home hack OhmConnect members use to rack up big energy savings and even earn rewards.

A technician filling refrigerants on an AC unit
Chill factor, global impact

What Are Refrigerants and What Impact Do They Have On Our Environment?

Find out how the common refrigerants in our homes and industries quietly influence the planet’s health

Electrify your home, for the environment
Get the gas out

Electrify Your Home: The Smart Way to Safety, Savings, and Sustainability

Discover how transitioning to electrify your home so you can enhance safety, reduce maintenance costs, improve energy efficiency, and significantly contribute to a more sustainable and climate-friendly living environment.

Someone uses a plunger to unclog a drain
Eco Unclog, Chemical Dodge

Cleaning Green: Eco-Friendly Plumbing Solutions to Unclog a Drain (And Prevent It From Happening Again)

Discover eco-friendly ways to tackle drain clogs without chemicals! Our guide reveals easy, sustainable methods using everyday items for effective drain maintenance. Embrace a greener approach to plumbing and keep those pipes clear naturally!

A woman looks at her open refrigerator, wondering what maintenance it needs to be energy-efficient.
Chill smarter, not harder

Energy Saving 101: OhmConnect’s Deep Dive on Energy-Friendly Fridge Maintenance

Explore how a few easy refrigerator care tips can lead to major energy and cost savings at home.

A few homemade sprays, some orange peels and a few other natural cleaning products. All could be used to naturally fight household pests without pesticides.
Evict pests naturally

Tips and Tricks for Household Pests (Without the Pesticides)

Try these things before reaching for the harshest chemicals when dealing with indoor pests.

Two women are choosing to put food scraps into the compost bin instead of the trash to reduce food waste, which helps out environment significantly
Stop tossing food

Reducing Food Waste: Small Steps for Big Savings and a Healthier Planet

Reducing food waste is an eco-friendly choice that stretches beyond just saving edible items.

A professional chef with tattoos prepares a dish in a commercial kitchen; he is undoubtedly focused on reducing food waste, and you can be too.
Save like a pro

How To Cut Back on Food Waste in Your Kitchen Like a Pro

The basics of reducing food waste like a professional chef

Clean, modern-looking kitchens are still leading home trends
Green is in

6 Home Trends That Could Help Save the Planet & Save You Money

Since the pandemic, we look at our homes a bit differently. These home improvement (and money saving!) trends to save the planet look like they're here to stay.

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