Air Conditioning

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A mother and daughter sit on the couch and turn on the Air Conditioning to cool their home.
Beat the heat!

Tips for Keeping Your AC Running Efficiently

Whether you have window units or central Air Conditioning, there are some small tips and tricks for maintenance and daily use that will help get the most out of your air conditioning and save energy at the same time.

A tank of refrigerants getting refilled
Breaking the ice on refrigerants

Understanding Refrigerants: Their Role and Evolution in Cooling Technology

This article explores the history and importance of refrigerants in cooling technologies, from early ice production to modern eco-friendly compounds.

A technician filling refrigerants on an AC unit
Chill factor, global impact

What Are Refrigerants and What Impact Do They Have On Our Environment?

Find out how the common refrigerants in our homes and industries quietly influence the planet’s health

A woman installing an LG Air Conditioner
Extra energy savings

Save More Energy with LG Air Conditioners and OhmConnect

OhmConnect is now integrated with LG Electronics and their ThinQ smart home platform. LG makes a wide array of electronics and home appliances, but the initial step of the integration is being able to connect LG mini splits, LG window air conditioners, and portable air conditioners to OhmConnect.

A technician works on a mini-split, which is a ductless AC unit that is often used in retrofitting homes with AC that didn’t have it originally.
What AC to get

What's the Difference Between A Mini-Split and A Heat Pump?

The differences between a regular heat pump and a mini-split and the ideal uses for each.

A window air conditioner can help cool homes without central air conditioning
Variable speed, baby

What to look for in an energy-efficient window air conditioner

There are good options for temporary window air conditioners available for nearly anyone and any window. Look for Energy Star ratings, and pay attention to CEER and think about paying extra for inverter technology.

Close the blinds to cool down a room without AC
Cool your bills, stat

How To Keep Cool Without Air-Conditioning This Summer

Electricity prices are high: don't waste money on AC this summer. We've got four simple tricks to help beat the heat without breaking the bank!

A child eats a popsicle to keep cool without AC
Beat the heat

10 Top Rated Amazon Items to Keep You Cool Without AC

Don't swelter in the heat this summer. Get some relief and stay cool with these 10 top-rated products on Amazon. Perfect if you don't have AC!

A sign in a store window about the building's air conditioning
Cool those bills

Supercool Your Home to Save Money on Air Conditioning

Looking to save money on air conditioning this summer? This strategy keeps you chill while taking advantage of Time of Use pricing. Ka-ching!

How to stay cool and save energy during heat waves
Splash zone

How to stay cool and save energy during heat waves

Use these simple, low-cost tips to stay comfortable and keep your energy bill in check (and even get paid!) during heat waves

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A portable window air conditioner with smart features.
Smart cooling

Get Ready for Summer: Smart Window Air Conditioners

Learn why upgrading your portable air conditioner could make you more comfortable and save energy.

Someone adjusting a smart thermostat to eco-mode
Climate control, cost down

What Is Eco-Mode on Smart Thermostats?

How exactly does eco-mode on smart thermostats work? What’s happening to save you energy and money and what do you need to do?

Window heat pumps on an apartment building
Sustainable comfort, window-sized

Window Heat Pumps Bring Efficiency to Renters and Smaller Spaces

Window heat pumps offer efficient and climate-friendly heating and cooling for renters and residents who can’t afford to change out their existing HVAC systems.

A woman dusts her air vent in her home HVAC system.
Bigger is not better

Why Your Oversized HVAC System Could Be Costing a Lot of Money

You might be wasting a lot of money on an HVAC system that’s too big or too small.

Heat pump technician on a home exterior using the heat pump incentive money to get more heat pumps installed.
Heat pumps get a boost

Is There a Heat Pump in Your Future? A Lot of Governors Hope So.

25 Governors announce incentives to install 20 million heat pumps by 2030. Is your state on the list?

A woman adjusts a wall-mounted AC control. She is choosing to precool her home because she lives in an area where energy costs more at certain times of day.
Precool and save

What Is Home Precooling, and for Whom Is It Useful?

Precooling your home can be useful for those who have time of use electric plans.

A heat pump outside a home after a snow storm
Pump it up

Do Heat Pumps Work in Cold Climates? Maine Says Yes!

Do heat pumps work in cold climates? There's a new answer!

Ground-source heat pumps are a simple solution to heating and cooling housing.
Beneath your feet

Geothermal Energy and Ground Source Heat: A Sustainable Solution for Your Home

Ground-source heat pumps harness the thermal mass of the earth to heat and cool homes.

A couple looks at their California electric bill
Chill, bills!

5 hacks to lower your utility bill in California

Wondering how to lower your utility bill in California? We got you. Fight high heating and cooling costs with these tips to lower your energy bill.

64% of Americans are now exposed to extreme heat. Here's why that's worrying
Hot in here

64% of Americans are now exposed to extreme heat. Here's why that's worrying

Today, record-breaking heat waves have emerged with alarming frequency and more intensity than ever before. 64% of America is affected by extreme heat and can our renewable energy sources provide as extreme temperatures increase?

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Two people installing a heat pump, which is a dual system heating and cooling appliance that’s better for the environment and your wallet.
IRA for the win

How to Get Your New Heat Pump Paid for in Texas

How to get your heat pump paid for in Texas, it's easier than you think!

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