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Chill, bills!

5 hacks to lower your utility bill in California

Kevin Hoffman
March 4, 2022

If you are feeling the pinch of higher utility bills in 2022, you are not alone.

It seems that everybody in California is talking about their shockingly high utility bills.

Many people are seeing 20-30% higher heating bills than they did at this time last year.

Why is my electric bill so much more expensive in California?

The answer is complicated, of course.

To start, it was an especially cool season in California this year, so it likely took more natural gas to heat your home.

On top of that, natural gas is more expensive this year. The reason is runaway inflation and all the usual suspects.

You can’t solve those major world problems yourself. But you can take control of your utility bill.

Here are some ways to save:

Buy a thermal leak detector

You may not even be aware of this technology, but you can order this gadget for under $40, and it pays for itself. A thermal leak detector is a handheld device that can tell you where heat is escaping. You point the thermal detector at the seams between walls, floors, doors and windows to quickly see the surprising places that heat is draining from your home. Find one here.

Check your windows for heat loss

The No. 1 way that heat escapes from your home is through windows that aren’t properly insulated. Once you use the thermal leak detector to determine which windows are problematic, you’re going to want to fix them. Caulk around window edges, replace the weatherstripping, or apply a window film to block the heat escape. You can also use heavier curtains as a fix if you’re less handy.

Get out of the house

You won’t pay for the energy you don’t use. You can set your thermostat lower and leave the house for the day. Ideally you can enjoy the outdoors and visit one of California's spectacular state parks. If you have to be indoors, go to a mall where someone else has to foot the heating bill.

Connect a smart thermostat

An even easier way to save on your home heating bill is by using a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat such as the Google Nest can be set to automatically keep your heating costs low by maintaining a temperature that is still comfortable but not burning through natural gas at an unsustainable rate. You can buy a smart thermostat here.

Join OhmConnect to save on your energy bill

OhmConnect was designed to help people like you save energy. OhmConnect lets you know when electricity is most expensive so you can decide if you want to power down. That unused energy gets sold back to the grid and you collect the rewards, including fun prizes and Amazon gift cards. OhmConnect is the best way to take back control of your energy bill.

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