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Heating your home and a couple in a warm home
Types of heat

What is Heating Your Home and What Kind(s) of Power Is Producing That Heat?

Whether you are purchasing, upgrading, or simply maintaining your home, you need to know what is heating your home and what power it uses to do so.

Measuring heat pump efficiency in winter
Baby it’s cold outside

Maximizing Winter Comfort: Heat Pump Efficiency in Cold Climates

A deep dive into the world of heat pump efficiency and some helpful, practical tips to make the most of their performance during the frosty months.

Window heat pumps on an apartment building
Sustainable comfort, window-sized

Window Heat Pumps Bring Efficiency to Renters and Smaller Spaces

Window heat pumps offer efficient and climate-friendly heating and cooling for renters and residents who can’t afford to change out their existing HVAC systems.

Man surviving winter in NYC, his breath can be seen in the picture.
NYC Winter Comfort Tips

Surviving Winter in NYC: How to Handle an Overheated or Freezing Apartment

Discover essential strategies to comfortably navigate the winter season in NYC, whether you're battling a too-hot or too-cold apartment environment.

A woman in a warm sweater at home she has used preheating to keep her home warm.
Preheat and save

What Is Home Preheating and Why Would I Do It?

You can save money by preheating your home during off peak hours in a time of use electricity setting. Then let the heat drift comfortably into your ideal zone!

A woman dusts her air vent in her home HVAC system.
Bigger is not better

Why Your Oversized HVAC System Could Be Costing a Lot of Money

You might be wasting a lot of money on an HVAC system that’s too big or too small.

Heat pump technician on a home exterior using the heat pump incentive money to get more heat pumps installed.
Heat pumps get a boost

Is There a Heat Pump in Your Future? A Lot of Governors Hope So.

25 Governors announce incentives to install 20 million heat pumps by 2030. Is your state on the list?

A heat pump outside a home after a snow storm
Pump it up

Do Heat Pumps Work in Cold Climates? Maine Says Yes!

Do heat pumps work in cold climates? There's a new answer!

A duel fuel heating system uses both a heat pump and a fossil-fuel furnace to keep your home warm.
New tech, old backup

What Is A Dual-Fuel Heating System

A duel fuel heating system uses both a heat pump and a fossil-fuel furnace to keep your home warm.

A furnace in an old house
Hot alternatives

Will My Furnace Work When the Power Is Out?

When electric power goes out for days and even weeks at a time, we all have to consider how we’ll keep our furnace going or find other ways to heat and cool.

Learn how to heat my house when the grid goes down
Back it up

How Do I Heat My House When the Grid Goes Down?

Losing your electric power is inconvenient for a few hours, but it can also be quite dangerous if you lose your heating system in the winter months. So what can you do to prepare?

Ground-source heat pumps are a simple solution to heating and cooling housing.
Beneath your feet

Geothermal Energy and Ground Source Heat: A Sustainable Solution for Your Home

Ground-source heat pumps harness the thermal mass of the earth to heat and cool homes.

Heat pump condenser outside in Southwest
Heat pumps are cool

Electric Heat Pump Conversion: What to Consider

Upgrading to a heat pump for heating and cooling makes sense economically and for the environment, but what else do you need to know?

An installer prepares a heat pump
Energy moved

Heat Pump Basics: Everything You Need To Know

Ahh, the mysterious heat pump. Meet the energy-efficient alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems that's all the rage right now.

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A woman using space heaters in NYC
Warmth without the worry

Using Space Heaters in NYC: Do’s and Don’t’s

Everything you need to know about using electric space heaters in New York City. From choosing a model with the right wattage to retaining heat to safety when operating!

The woman stares out the winter window. She is a homeowner and is going to winterize her home
Winter is coming

Winterize Your Home: A Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners

Proper winterization not only ensures a cozy and comfortable living space during the colder months but also helps you save on energy bills and prevent costly repairs.

A man works on a ceiling fan, he is making it spin the right way so that it helps warm air move down to heat a space in winter.
Change directions, stay warm

Did You Know Your Ceiling Fan Can Keep You Warm Too?

This one simple trick can turn your ceiling fan into a heating helper.

A woman reads a book in a cozy outfit, she is bundling up to avoid using her HVAC system so she can save energy.
Heating sans HVAC

Cozy and Cost-Effective: Winter Warmth Hacks to Save Energy

Consider some energy-saving alternatives to your HVAC system for a snug and financially savvy winter.

Two people installing a heat pump, which is a dual system heating and cooling appliance that’s better for the environment and your wallet.
IRA for the win

How to Get Your New Heat Pump Paid for in Texas

How to get your heat pump paid for in Texas, it's easier than you think!

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A building with mini heat pumps installed in windows
Sustainable warmth for all

Efficiency Meets Comfort: The Impact of Heat Pumps in NYC's Affordable Housing

Get an inside look at the efficient heat pump transformation taking place at Woodside Houses, a milestone in urban housing in New York City.

smart energy is using electric heat pumps to heat and cool your home
It really works

Smart Energy Podcast Episode 13

On this episode of Smart Energy we talk about EVs vs. fossil fuel powered cars and which ones are truly better for the environment, chat with Nate Russell with Beyond Efficiency, and give guidance on how to have those tough conversations about clean energy that might crop up during this holiday season.

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A young man is doing laundry with an ENERGY STAR-certified laundry machine, making for a more energy-efficient experience
ENERGY STAR breakdown

What Does it Mean for Something to Be ENERGY STAR Certified?

Everything you need to know about ENERGY STAR-certified appliances!

A modern home at dusk that has recently updated all their major appliances to electric ones so that they can quit carbon.
Upgrade your home

Is it time to retire your home’s gas appliances? Here’s what to know.

A list of your biggest gas appliances and how to know when it’s time to replace them with the electric version.

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smart energy podcast episode 5 heat pumps and electrification
Quit the carbon

Smart Energy Podcast Episode 5

On this episode of Smart Energy we're talking about food and how to eat more sustainably, speak with CEO Cooper Marcus at QuitCarbon, and answer a reader question about wood stoves for heating a house.

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