Water Heaters

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A collection of Rheem water heaters
Stack up savings

Start Saving Energy with Your Rheem® Smart Water Heater

OhmConnect’s partnership with Rheem means that you may be able to connect your smart water heater to OhmConnect, start earning more rewards, and save more on energy costs. If you have a Rheem smart electric tank or heat pump water heater with integrated EcoNet® Wi-Fi technology, you can connect to OhmConnect!

A water heater in a basement. Not a heat pump water heater, but the kind it might replace.
Eco-Friendly Water Heating

Hot Trends: Warming Up to Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat pump water heaters are changing the game in energy efficiency, cutting household costs, and setting the stage for a greener future.

A close-up of a gas water heater
Hot Water Heaters Decoded

Water Heaters Demystified: How They Keep Your Showers Warm

Explore the crucial components and processes of your hot water heater, gaining the knowledge to better understand and maintain this essential home appliance.

A basement with a water heater
Nice hot showers, efficiently!

What Type of Water Heater is Most Energy-Efficient?

Water heaters consume a lot of energy, but choosing a more energy-efficient water heater type can go a long way to saving you energy and money!

A leaking water heater means it’s time for replacement.
Water heater world

Should I Replace My Water Heater?

Water heaters don’t have a particularly long lifespan. If yours is around 10 years old, it’s wise to consider replacing it, and with rebates, you should definitely consider a heat pump water heater.

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A modern home at dusk that has recently updated all their major appliances to electric ones so that they can quit carbon.
Upgrade your home

Is it time to retire your home’s gas appliances? Here’s what to know.

A list of your biggest gas appliances and how to know when it’s time to replace them with the electric version.

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Hot water from a new heat pump water heater
Water heater rebates

Want a Heat Pump Water Heater? CA Residents Can Save Big

Aiming for a cleaner energy future, California incentivizes the installation of heat pump water heaters with up to $5,800 in rebates to reach a six million unit goal by 2030.

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Inflation Reduction Act tax credits will put more money in your account
Big savings ahead

Inflation Reduction Act Tax Credits: A Guide to Saving Money and Fighting Climate Change in 2023

Here's how the new Inflation Reduction Act's tax credits can help you save money at home or when you're on the go. Plus do something good for the planet!

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Smart energy is not using a gas stove
Get rid of gas

Smart Energy Podcast Episode 2

In this episode of Smart Energy, host Andrew Zoellner talks with Andrew Coray about the Inflation Reduction Act. Then, we chat with Sean Armstrong from Redwood Energy about electrification and how bad gas stoves really are. And, we answer a listener question about water heaters and give some advice on when you should replace yours.

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