Personal Information Management and Privacy Rights Requests

To make a privacy rights request, regardless of whether you have an OhmConnect account, or you are acting for someone who does, please complete and submit this form. Please note that if you have an OhmConnect account, you can manage your personal information and communications with us through your settings page.

If you would like us to stop sharing or selling your personal information via targeting cookies, please click here: click here.

Privacy Rights Request

We respect privacy rights and will respond to all requests as required by law. Please use this form so that we receive a clear record of your request and can respond. 

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We will send you an acknowledgement of your request by email.  Please review it carefully because it may include requests for additional information needed to process your request.


We may also need to verify your identity, when necessary to process your request or if required by law.  If you are making a request on behalf of someone else, you must provide us with evidence that you are authorized to make the request on that person’s behalf.


We may not be legally obligated to comply with your request or to respond in the way that you anticipated if you make a request to exercise rights to which you are not entitled, if your request conflicts with law, or if your request is subject to exceptions provided for by law. We will let you know if we can’t fully or partially comply with your request.