Who is OhmConnect?

Interested in OhmConnect? Here's your chance to learn all about us. Culture is at the core of  the OhmConnect team. It's not all business around these parts! Our team enjoys fully remote work days as well as annual offsites, where we focus on where we're going as a business and decompress together. Learn more about us below.

OhmConnect's Mission

Rally people to change how and when they use electricity — unlocking clean, affordable and reliable energy.

The values that shape our culture

Blue star icon representing OhmConnect's value of being brave in the about us section
Be Brave

We lean into the toughest challenges to create the biggest impact.

about us and our values showing a blue home icon representing putting families first
Put Families First

It is about your life, and your family.

blue globe icon as symbol for leading with purpose as value of OhmConnect  in the about us section
Lead with Purpose

We are deliberate, thoughtful, and focused on what matters most.

values in the about us section showing a blue coffee icon representing getting stuff done
Get Stuff Done

One thing you will find about us is that we move fast, and we iterate often.

OhmConnect's Equity, Access, and Outreach strategy

At OhmConnect, we acknowledge the systemic inequity faced by low-income families and people of color and recognize that these communities are often most impacted by climate change, despite having done the least to create it. Furthermore, these communities are underrepresented in the energy and consumer technology sectors in which OhmConnect operates.

In service of our mission to improve the lives of people and the health of the planet, we created OhmConnect's Equity, Access, and Outreach (EA&O) Committee to research, design, and enact initiatives to help combat systemic inequity, both in our workforce and in the communities we serve.

How OhmConnect got started

About us and how it got started: Curt Tongue and Matt Duesterberg, the founders of OhmConnect

OhmConnect first began in 2014 when three people in different stages of life - and with wildly different work experience - came together to focus on what they all considered (and still consider) to be the paramount challenge to the human race: long-term, sustainable energy.

With backgrounds in technology, energy markets and consumer marketing respectively, Cadir Lee, Matt Duesterberg and Curtis Tongue set up shop in a basement office in San Francisco and since then have grown a team of smart, creative, and passionate folks across North America, who are the fabric of the OhmConnect culture.

About us and how it got started: Curt Tongue and Matt Duesterberg, the founders of OhmConnect

Meet the leadership team

about us and the leadership team: picture of Cisco DeVries, CEO of OhmConnect
Cisco DeVries

As CEO, Cisco guides OhmConnect's strategy, execution, and culture. He joined in 2019 after more than two decades helping lead the transition to clean energy in private companies and public service.

about us and the leadership team: OhmConnect's founder and president Matt Duesterberg
Founder & President
Matt Duesterberg

Building on his 15+ years of experience in the energy sector, Matt translates household electricity reductions into reliable resources for energy markets. Matt co-founded OhmConnect in 2014 with a vision of democratizing energy for everyone and continues to pave the path for an equitable and sustainable carbon-free future.

about us and the leadership team: image of Cadir Lee, the CTO of OhmConnect
Cadir Lee

As CTO, Cadir gets into the details of how OhmConnect is built.  He arrived at OhmConnect after spending two years digging into climate change and realized that getting to 100% clean energy  necessitates flexible energy use in homes.

Interim CMO Melissa Caldwell on the about us page
Chief Customer Officer
Melissa Caldwell

As Chief Customer Officer, Melissa leads OhmConnect's product, customer experience, and marketing teams. She joined the company in 2018 and believes that enrolling households in energy-saving programs is crucial to the fight against climate change.

about us and the leadership team: image of Sanjay Ranchod, General Counsel
General Counsel
Sanjay Ranchod

Sanjay is responsible for the company's legal and regulatory affairs. He joined OhmConnect because he believes empowering people to change how and when they use electricity is critical to achieving a clean energy future.

about us and the leadership team: Melissa Zucker, Head of People
VP of People
Melissa Zucker

As Vice President of People, Melissa sets up OhmConnect in finding, developing, motivating, and retaining an amazing team. After more than 20 years of supporting high-growth solar companies, she is excited to be part of the next generation of renewable energy and flexible response.

about us and the leadership team: image of Sanjay Ranchod, General Counsel
SVP of Engineering
Elena Fintzi

As SVP of Engineering, Elena owns product development, deployment and operations. She joined OhmConnect in 2016 with the conviction that residential demand response is instrumental to achieving a carbon-neutral future.

about us and the leadership team: image of Sanjay Ranchod, General Counsel
SVP of Partnerships & Revenue
Jack Hays

As SVP of Partnerships and Revenue, Jack finds synergies that make solving climate change possible. He develops and builds industry relationships to spread flexible demand and accelerate the grid's transition to carbon-free renewable energy.

Want to join the team?

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Blog posts from the team

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