Simplifying your energy
Our world is getting smarter and more connected everyday, yet one of the most important sectors of our society is still operating in the 20th century: our energy.

OhmConnect analyzes billions of points of energy data to turn something as complex as the grid into an answer to this simple question:

How clean is my energy right now?
Who We Work With
California ISO
The State of California's electricity market operator.
Public Utilities Commission
The State of California's regulatory body for public utilities.
Sierra Club
World renowned organization charging the move away from the dirty fossil fuels.
Schneider Electric
Leading Fortune 500 company in home electronics and smart home technologies.
Grades of Green
An organization dedicated to building clean environments for future generations.
National Wildlife Federation
Preserving our nation's wildlife and protecting the most endangered ecosystems.
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Who's Talking About Us?
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Our Management Team's Vision
Cadir Lee
Make the world better for my kids by enabling a simple, automated way for everyone to get involved in smarter energy.
Curtis Tongue
Users should be incentivized to live green. Simple, intuitive, and fun experiences will usher in the next generation of sustainability.
John Anderson
Enable consumer technologies to bridge the participation gap between supply- and demand-side resources in competitive electricity markets.
Matt Duesterberg
Create a more efficient allocation of resources using the vast amount of data and computing power we have at our fingertips.
Max Dunn
Move the world towards a clean and sustainable energy future
Mike Hanson
Help bring new energy solutions to market to make the world a better place.
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