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See your energy

See your itemized energy profile. Gone are the days of guessing what a kWh is, or what appliances are consuming the most. Ohmconnect shows you the when, what, and why of your home’s electricity consumption.

Earn $130

Earn up to $130 per year by signing up. Ohmconnect analyzes your consumption behaviors and optimizes your home’s electricity usage, so you can save money and your conscience.


Energy Alerts

Ohmconnect alerts you when your home’s electricity costs the most, so you can turn down any unnecessary appliances or devices to save even more.

Easy as 1-2-3

Ohmconnect customizes home improvement recommendations, so you can reduce your utility bill and your environmental impact.

Go Green

Ohmconnect analyzes where your home’s electricity is coming from, so you know how clean or dirty your energy is. Hydroelectric, solar, nuclear, coal, wind, or turbines…Ohmconnect tells you what your utility won’t.