Air Sealing

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A front door on a white home with a lot of windows. In a home like this, air-sealing your doors and windows will go a long way.
Seal up that house

Why Air-Sealing is The Best DIY You Can Do

If your home isn't properly air-sealed, you are losing money. Keeping the air you pay to condition (heat, cool, or dehumidify) where you want it is job # 1 on your energy-efficiency mission!

A man is using caulk to air seal his windows to increase the energy-efficiency of his home.
Cost saving projects galore

DIY Home Improvements That Pay for Themselves

Which DIY home improvement projects pay for themselves? Air sealing, smart thermostats, LEDs, and more!

A woman adjusts a wall-mounted AC control. She is choosing to precool her home because she lives in an area where energy costs more at certain times of day.
Precool and save

What Is Home Precooling, and for Whom Is It Useful?

Precooling your home can be useful for those who have time of use electric plans.

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A foreman stands looking at a home, he will need to build all four control layers on this house.
Stay dry and comfortable

What Are the Four Control Layers of a House and Why Should I Care?

Energy efficiency starts with building science. Learn about the four control layers of a house and how they impact your bills.

The Best Cheap & Free Tools for Home Energy Efficiency
You can do it

The Best Cheap & Free Tools for Home Energy Efficiency

Making your home energy efficient shouldn't break the bank. Check out our best tips to save on your energy bill.

A woman calculates savings from her home energy audit
Whole house audit

What to Expect from a Home Energy Audit

A home energy audit is the first step and the key tool to making your home energy efficient and more climate friendly

A woman has coffee and reads about energy-saving tips for NYC living
Energy-saving: city style

Maximizing Small Space Living: Energy-Saving Tips for NYC Apartments

From quick fixes to long-term changes, this guide covers how to optimize energy use in NYC apartments.

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An energy audit professional writes notes.
Audit today, save tomorrow

Understanding Home Energy Audits: What You Need to Know

Find out what a home energy audit entails and how it could be the key to unlocking significant energy and cost savings for you.

Smart Energy Podcast Blower Door Energy Audit
Blower door score

Smart Energy Podcast Episode 9

On this episode of Smart Energy, Andrew and Kelsey chat about how New Yorkers use energy and how it differs from other areas in the US. Then, Andrew speaks with Katie Henderson with Efficient Home, LLC who's a home energy efficiency auditor. After that, they answer a listener question about home appliances.

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A family sitting on their porch with a pumpkin, two parents and two kids. They are thinking through their fall home maintenance list to get ready for the change in seasons.
The leaves are changing

Fall Home Maintenance: Make Your Home Last Longer and Perform Better

Indoor, outdoor, and professional needed home maintenance tasks for the fall.

The woman stares out the winter window. She is a homeowner and is going to winterize her home
Winter is coming

Winterize Your Home: A Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners

Proper winterization not only ensures a cozy and comfortable living space during the colder months but also helps you save on energy bills and prevent costly repairs.

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