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A person at their New York City apartment street.
Historical sustainability

Sustainably Living in Historical NYC Buildings

It can be challenging to make sustainable home alterations while maintaining historical importance in New York City living. Everything you need to know.

A data center with four banks of servers in white
Waste Heat Comes Home

Using Big Data to Heat Homes

Tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and Meta are offering the excess heat from their Nordic data centers to communities with district heating systems

Multi-family electric bills are calculated in NYC
Navigating the billing maze

Understanding Your Multi-Family Electric Bill in New York: A Tenant's Guide

Gain insights into the workings of electric bills in New York's multi-family buildings, including direct metering, master metering, and the implications for tenants.

An energy audit professional writes notes.
Audit today, save tomorrow

Understanding Home Energy Audits: What You Need to Know

Find out what a home energy audit entails and how it could be the key to unlocking significant energy and cost savings for you.

A building with mini heat pumps installed in windows
Sustainable warmth for all

Efficiency Meets Comfort: The Impact of Heat Pumps in NYC's Affordable Housing

Get an inside look at the efficient heat pump transformation taking place at Woodside Houses, a milestone in urban housing in New York City.

Two apartment buildings in New York, we need for housing to be more energy efficient in the U.S.
Greater efficiency in housing

The Need for Energy Efficiency in New and Existing Housing Stock

Why and how the U.S. housing crisis has become a dual matter of sustainable design and affordability.

New York City skyline
Energy Ratings in NYC

How NYC Uses Grades to Encourage Building Efficiency

NYC has implemented an energy efficiency rating system to help them meet their climate goals. Learn what to look for in your next home.

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Man surviving winter in NYC, his breath can be seen in the picture.
NYC Winter Comfort Tips

Surviving Winter in NYC: How to Handle an Overheated or Freezing Apartment

Discover essential strategies to comfortably navigate the winter season in NYC, whether you're battling a too-hot or too-cold apartment environment.

A photo of the Safe and Sound book by Mercury Stardust on a wooden table
Repair with confidence

Banishing Repair Fears: How 'Safe and Sound' Simplifies Home Fixes for Renters

Mercury Stardust's 'Safe and Sound: A Renter-Friendly Guide to Home Repair' uniquely addresses the emotional aspects of home repairs in addition to practical advice for renters, offering a compassionate and useful perspective.

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A woman in a mask looks at her tablet, worried about her electricity expenses
Help is here

Disadvantaged Californians Could Face Additional $174M in COVID-19 Related Electricity Expenses

Six ways to ensure all families have continued access to public utility services, including household energy

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