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Welcome to the world of smart homes, where technology meets comfort and convenience! In this category, we'll explore the wonders of transforming your humble abode into an intelligent sanctuary. Discover the latest gadgets, tips, and stories that revolutionize the way we live.
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How much does a house full of solar panels cost?
Savings on savings

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

How much solar panels cost depends on how many you need, what rebates are available, and how and where you’ll be installing them.

Our first electric car is a 2023 Volkswagen ID.4
It’s electric!

What I learned buying my first electric car

Buying your first electric car can seem overwhelming, but with some research and some rebates, it’s a great time to be shopping.

Solar canopies installed over parking in the Netherlands
Make it happen

The enormous potential of solar canopies

Solar canopies simply structures that uses solar panels to generate electricity while also creating shade and protection for your parked car.

A SunPower energy storage system in a garage.
Harness the sun

Embrace the Power of Energy Storage: 6 Reasons Every Homeowner Should Consider It

Discover the six reasons every homeowner should be considering investing in an energy storage system and find out if the technology is right for you.

Renewable energy plans: Solar panels in a Texas city
Let the sun shine

Embrace a Brighter Future: Why You Should Choose a Renewable Energy Plan in Texas

Discover the power of choice! Learn why opting for a renewable energy plan in Texas, with a nod to OhmConnect Energy, is a bright idea for your wallet and the planet.

A full dishwasher, as pictured here, is best for dishwasher energy use
Save, don’t scrub

The Dishwasher Energy Use Guide: Saving Money and the Planet

Your guide to all things energy efficient dishwashers

Having a backup power source to keep your home running during a power outage is critical.
Big, big batteries

What Backup Power Source Should You Use?

A backup power source, whether it’s a generator, grid-connected battery, a portable power bank, or a combination of those, is increasingly important during extreme weather.

Adding solar panels on an asphalt shingle roof
Mo' sunny, mo' money

Considering Adding Solar Panels To Your Home?

Adding solar panels to your home can be a smart move with a host of benefits, but there are a few things to think about before jumping into installation.

A Ford F-150 Lightning powers a construction site
Plug it in

The Future Is Now: Electric Cars That Can Power Your Home

The future is now! Your car could soon power your home. Unleash the power of electric vehicles as PG&E partners with BMW for vehicle-to-everything testing.

These Father's Day gift ideas are sure to please
Dad deserves it

5 Energy-Saving Father's Day Gift Ideas for Dad in 2023

Still on the hunt for the perfect gift for Father's Day? Help Dad save energy at home (and money) this year with these energy-efficient gift ideas!

A pair of Wemo smart plugs that need to be recycled
It's upgrade time

PSA: It's Time to Recycle Your Old Wemo Smart Plugs (If You Haven’t Already)

Need another reason to switch to an OhmPlug? There’s a problem with the Wemo Smart Plug Mini V2, and Belkin isn’t going to fix it. Upgrade time!

The best father's day gifts you can purchase online
Because he deserves it

Best Father’s Day Gifts for the Tech Enthusiast Dad in 2023

Looking for the perfect Father's Day gift for your tech enthusiast dad? Check out this roundup of the smart home best gifts for dad in 2023.

A smart fridge is a great way to save energy
Cool savings inside

What is a smart fridge, and should you invest in one?

Want the scoop on smart fridges and how they can save you energy and money on your next electrical bill? Here's everything you need to know.

A woman loads her energy efficient dishwasher
Save money and time

A Guide to Energy-Efficient Dishwashers

Looking for the most energy efficient dishwashers to save money? We've got everything you need to know to get squeaky clean while staying green.

A home outfitted with SunPower solar panels and solar battery storage
Sunny days ahead

How Solar Battery Storage Can Help You Earn Money

Get rewarded for creating a more sustainable grid with OhmConnect and SunPower's solar battery storage. We break down all the savings for you!

A man looks at a smart plug and his OhmConnect app
Make the investment

Meet the $11 Smart Plug That Could Save You $27 Every Year!

Here's how I "smartened" up my apartment, helped the planet and saved on my electricity bill with an OhmPlug smart plug. Cost $11, saves me $27 annually!

A collection of smart LED light bulbs
Bright ideas ahead

Bright Ideas For Your Home: The Best Smart LED Light Bulbs in 2023

Feeling left in the dark? Here's everything you need to know to make the switch to smart LED light bulbs in your home this year, saving money and energy.

gas stoves are more dangerous than we think
Let's settle the debate

Let’s Settle the Debate: Are Gas Stoves as Bad as They're Made Out to Be?

Are gas stoves bad? For my health? For the environment? For my kids? We've got all the latest news you can use. Here's what researchers are saying.

What to know when you want to buy electric car
Get the goods

4 Things to Know Before Buying an Electric Vehicle (EV)

Considering buying an electric vehicle (EV) in 2023? Here are four things you should know and keep in mind before you make your next big purchase.

A refrigerator smart plug can alert you to issues with your refrigerator
It's just smart

Why It’s Time to Put a Smart Plug on Your Refrigerator

Putting a smart plug on your refrigerator yet? If not, meet the smart home hack OhmConnect members use to rack up big energy savings and even earn rewards.

A smart plug that saves electricity
Get smart with plugs

Smart Plug Life Hacks to Make Your Home More Efficient and Just Plain More Fun

Is a smart plug your home's best friend yet? It should be! Save electricity and money with some strategically placed smart plugs. We've got the tips!

How to save energy while working from home
Stack on savings

How to save energy while working from home

Flexible hours and no commute can be good for your mental health, and your pocketbook

Smart Thermostats 101: All You Need To Know To Upgrade & Save On Your Energy Bill
HVAC hack

Smart Thermostats 101: All You Need To Know To Upgrade & Save On Your Energy Bill

Why you need a smart thermostat (if you don’t already have one) and how IT can pay YOU for your energy

These Devices Mean You Can Crush Your OhmHours Without Lifting A Finger
Keep it simple

These Smart Home Devices Mean You Can Crush Your OhmHours Without Lifting A Finger

‘Set it and forget it’ with smart home devices.

Are Electric Vehicles Always Cleaner Than Gas Cars?
Fossil-fuel free

Are Electric Vehicles Always Cleaner Than Gas Cars?

No brainer, right? … Or is it?

Making Your Home a Smart Home Has Never Been Easier or Cheaper
Join the fun

Making Your Home a Smart Home Has Never Been Easier or Cheaper

OhmConnect has partnered with Hive to give you 20% off a Smart Home Starter Pack.

TP-Link Smart Plug on a wall. What's the best place to put my smart plug? We'll let you know.
Location, location, location

Where’s the best place to put my smart plugs?

High five, you! You got a smartplug, an easy way to save energy and money every month. Now we want to help you be smart about where you put it.

If you use a lot of electricity, the pros and cons of solar panels are clear
Get the facts

What Are the Pros and Cons of Installing Solar Panels?

Installing solar panels on your home can be a smart choice but before investing in solar, it’s important to consider both the pros and cons.

The Future Is Now With Home Automation. But What Is It & Why Do We Need It?
Future is now

The Future Is Now With Home Automation. But What Is It & Why Do We Need It?

Wherever you decide to start, a small investment in some smart home technology will help you take the first step towards simplifying your home and your life – and you'll save more than just time. ‍

Cheap solar panels mean more houses are installing them
Sunshine is free

Why Did Solar Panels Get So Cheap in the Past 20 Years?

Since 2010 alone, the cost of installed solar has dropped 70 percent. But how did solar panels get so cheap? And what does the future of solar look like?

The Silver Lining to America’s Tech Obsession
Circle of tech

The Silver Lining to America’s Tech Obsession

Smartphones and tablets keep getting smaller, replacing energy-hogging TVs and PCs while saving on raw materials