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5 Energy-Saving Father's Day Gift Ideas for Dad in 2023

Kimberly Hutchings
June 1, 2023

Father's Day is only a few weeks away, and finding the right gift can be a challenge!

What do you get for the techie-dad? The fix-it dad? The dad who's a wizard in the kitchen? The dad who says he wants nothing at all? It's tricky! Especially when you want to find the perfect thing to show Dad just how much you appreciate him.

Luckily, we've got a few good ideas to show Dad some love this Father's Day, and the best part is they're perfect for showing a little love to the planet too. Keep reading for some of the best energy-saving gift ideas for Father's Day in 2023.

a smart thermostat makes a great father's day gift idea

1. Smart Thermostat

Whether your dad's a total techie or new to the smart home world, a smart thermostat is a modern home essential for both comfort and savings. With the help of a smartphone (or simply a voice command), they allow you to control your home's temperature both at home and on the go making it easy to adjust settings from the couch, the office or a weekend escape.

They allow Dad to keep his house at the ideal temperature when he's home and turn down the heating or cooling system to save energy when he's away.

Plus, if he wants to go totally hands-off? That's an option too! Thanks to the device's learning capabilities, a smart thermostat will monitor his daily habits and adjust the temperature automatically, so he can set it and forget it! 

Our top picks for smart thermostats in 2023 are the Google Nest Thermostat or the ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat

an energy star TV makes a great father's day gift idea

2. ENERGY STAR Television

ENERGY STAR products are appliances or devices that use less energy than their standard counterparts. In order to achieve the certification, a product must meet a set of strict energy efficiency standards put forth by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or the US Department of Energy. Their ability to work more efficiently means less energy and money spent powering Dad's home, which in turn means a win for the planet *and* his utility bill! 

Consider leveling up Dad's living room setup this Father's Day with an ENERGY STAR-certified TV! Perfect for the dad who never misses a game day or the self-proclaimed Netflix aficionado.

We love the VIZIO 40" Smart TV or the Amazon Fire 75" Smart TV.

Bonus points if you pair it with a smart plug so Dad can power down the device fully when it's not in use and avoid additional wasted energy in standby mode!

smart led light bulbs are a great father's day gift idea

3. Smart LED Light Bulbs

Smart LED light bulbs are one of the simplest and smartest switches you can make to move towards a more energy-efficient home — and they're beginner-friendly for any dads new to the smart tech world.

These smart light bulbs connect to the internet enabling Dad to customize, schedule and control his lighting, all through an easy-to-use app right on his smartphone. They have an average lifespan of 25,000 hours (talk about a gift that keeps giving) and typically use around 75% LESS energy than their incandescent counterparts.

In fact, simply by replacing 15 incandescent bulbs in his home with smart LED alternatives, you could save Dad around $50 a year on his energy bill!

Our picks are the Wyze Bulb Color or the Phillips Hue White + Color Ambience bulbs — but you can read our full round-up of the best smart LED bulbs for 2023 in our blog post here

an outdoor grill is a great father's day gift idea

4. An Outdoor Gas Grill

What better way to save energy during the summer months than with a bit of outdoor cooking? And what better gift for the dad who loves to cook than a new grill just in time for BBQ season?

During warm weather months, firing up your oven or stovetop to cook indoors can heat the inside of a home, causing air-conditioning systems to work overtime to keep things cool. But with an outdoor grill, you take all that heat outdoors, allowing the house to stay cool while you and Dad enjoy some delicious food in the summer sun. Plus, cooking outside in the daylight means no electric lights on inside — bonus!

Many different grill options are available, from charcoal to electric, but we recommend a gas option for overall value. They're often more efficient and produce fewer pollutants than their charcoal counterparts, and while yes, they still burn fossil fuels, they also take you off the grid, unlike electric grills, which makes them great for peak times (like OhmHours) when you want to unplug and save.

Consider opting for an option like the Weber Genesis II EX-335 Natural Gas Grill or Magma Products Newport II Infrared Gourmet Series Gas Grill for a smaller alternative. 

a solar powered charger makes a great fathers day gift idea

5. Solar-Powered Phone Charger

And finally, we've got a gift for the dad who loves to spend time in the great outdoors (or simply the dad who always seems to forget to charge his phone!). A solar-powered portable charger is an awesome way to stay charged on the go without the need to plug into an electrical outlet. 

Lightweight and easy to stick in a backpack or glovebox, solar-powered chargers are outfitted with small front-facing solar cells that charge the portable battery simply by exposing it to sunlight. Harnessing that renewable solar energy means Dad can charge his devices, like phones, laptops and tablets, wherever he goes, all while staying off the grid and saving energy along the way.

The LICORNE Solar Charger Power Bank is our top choice for this gift!

Happy Father's Day!

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