Electric Cars

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A million EVs were added to the grid last year, this is a picture of one
EV surge, energy plunge

How Adding a Million EVs to the Road Didn’t Break the Grid

Despite over a million new electric vehicles hitting the roads in 2023, the U.S. saw a surprising 1.1% decrease in overall electricity consumption

A man charges his EV in cold weather
Charging through the chill

Should I Be Worried About My EV in Cold Weather?

Discover how to maintain your EV in cold weather with effective strategies for charging and driving.

Woman charges her EV, as EV sales are actually up
An EV traffic check

Are EV Sales Skidding to a Halt? Despite Warnings, There’s Reason for Optimism

Are EV sales really slowing? Despite automakers dire predictions for the EV industry, the market is growing fast, hitting multiple milestones in 2023.

A man in a black helmet is charging his electric bike.
Electric in style

E-Bike 101: Everything You Need To Know About Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are an ideal choice for city commuters, casual weekend explorers, and fitness enthusiasts alike. Learn what you need to know when choosing yours, plus state incentives to save you money!

A family charging their electric vehicle at their house, they used the Electric Vehicle tax credit through their dealership.
Time to go shopping

Saving Money with the Electric Vehicle Tax Credit Is Getting a Whole Lot Easier

A new rule is going to make it easy to get a massive discount on an electric vehicle through your car dealership. It will come in the form of a tax credit applied at the point of sale, and it’s happening in 2024!

Our first electric car is a 2023 Volkswagen ID.4
It’s electric!

What I learned buying my first electric car

Buying your first electric car can seem overwhelming, but with some research and some rebates, it’s a great time to be shopping.

A Ford F-150 Lightning powers a construction site
Plug it in

The Future Is Now: Electric Cars That Can Power Your Home

The future is now! Your car could soon power your home. Unleash the power of electric vehicles as PG&E partners with BMW for vehicle-to-everything testing.

What to know when you want to buy electric car
Get the goods

4 Things to Know Before Buying an Electric Vehicle (EV)

Considering buying an electric vehicle (EV) in 2023? Here are four things you should know and keep in mind before you make your next big purchase.

Are Electric Vehicles Always Cleaner Than Gas Cars?
Fossil-fuel free

Are Electric Vehicles Always Cleaner Than Gas Cars?

No brainer, right? … Or is it?

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A couple looks at an electric vehicle at a dealership, they’re taking advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act.
Tax goodies for 2024

Important Updates to the Inflation Reduction Act — What to Know for 2024

Get ready for Inflation Reduction Act savings! Learn which tax incentives and tax credits are changing or becoming available in 2024.

People walking around Manhattan, NYC commuter
How to commute green

The Sustainable NYC Commuter: Transportation Options in the City Ranked

Find out how New Yorkers make smart, eco-conscious commuter decisions, weighing options from cycling to the subway to electric vehicle rideshares.

A man inside an EV, he is going to drive along and do roadway charging
Charge while you cruise

Driving Into the Future: The Street That Charges Your Electric Vehicle

Imagine a world where your car charges while you drive – Detroit's new road is making it a reality. Roadway charging is the latest!

Yellow electric school bus plugged in at a charging station.
For country

Smart Energy Podcast Episode 4

In this episode of Smart Energy, we discuss heat pumps, the Inflation Reduction Act, the national security benefits of electrification, and indoor air quality.

Charging your electric vehicle is smart energy
EVs for Everyone

Smart Energy Podcast Episode 3

In this episode of Smart Energy, host Andrew Zoellner talks with Kelsey Bourgeois about getting started with an EV. Then, we chat with Max Dunn, electric vehicle enthusiast and early adopter, about his journey getting into the EV space. Finally, we answer a listener question about buying an EV without having charging available at his apartment building.

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