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Someone calculates light bulb cost with a bulb and a stack of coins
Slash bills with LEDs

Shedding Light on Energy Use: How Much Electricity Do Light Bulbs Actually Consume — And What's It Costing Us?

We did the math on how much different light bulbs cost you to run. You might be shocked to learn how much you could be saving by switching to energy-efficient LEDs.

Someone screws in a smart light bulb, they want to use more smart lighting
2023 Smart Light Picks

Our Top Picks for Smart Lighting

Presenting our top picks for smart light bulbs in 2023, each carefully selected for their innovative features and superior performance, setting the standard for smart home lighting this year

Some streetlights are turning purple. This is a photo of an underpass with purple lights.
Eerie purple lighting

Some Streetlights Are Turning Purple — Here's What You Need To Know About It

Streetlights are turning purple or blue, learn more about this mysterious occurrence happening all over the country. Hint: there is an interesting scientific reason for it.

A group of friends toasts one another in an outdoor dinner lit with LED Exterior Smart Lights
Entertain better, save more

Make Your Yard Safer and Entertain Better with Smart Exterior Lighting

Everything you need to know to light your property at night with efficiency and functionality in mind.

A couple screwing in their new LED lights, which are more versatile, energy-efficient and budget-smart.
LEDs over incandescents

Understanding the New Lightbulb Guidance: Out With Incandescents and in With LED Lightbulbs

Why you should only buy LED light bulbs and what the new Biden administration rules mean for you.

A collection of smart LED light bulbs
Bright ideas ahead

Bright Ideas For Your Home: The Best Smart LED Light Bulbs in 2023

Feeling left in the dark? Here's everything you need to know to make the switch to smart LED light bulbs in your home this year, saving money and energy.

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A young man is doing laundry with an ENERGY STAR-certified laundry machine, making for a more energy-efficient experience
ENERGY STAR breakdown

What Does it Mean for Something to Be ENERGY STAR Certified?

Everything you need to know about ENERGY STAR-certified appliances!

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Smart energy using LED Christmas lights
Exciting energy times

Smart Energy Podcast Episode 11

On this episode of Smart Energy, we're chatting about media literacy, learning more about OhmConnect's Director of Software Development, and answering a listener question about how much energy holiday lights use.

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Couple looks over how they can improve energy savings at home
Savings at the switch

How Much Energy Can You Really Save at Home?

Small changes make a huge impact — between changing some habits and replacing some appliances when the time is right, you could greatly improve your energy savings at home.

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