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Someone controlling a smart house
Beyond smart, truly integrated

The Evolution of IoT and Smart Home Technology: Looking at the Matter Standard

Smart homes aim to simplify life by integrating various appliances and systems for convenience and efficiency, though challenges arise with device compatibility and intercommunication.

Woman watching eco mode TV
Eco mode: view responsibly

Eco Mode on Your TV: A Guide to Energy-Saving Viewing

Discover how eco mode TV settings can significantly reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Smart home devices are connected invisibly by a network of light
Automatic for the People

Choosing the Right Smart Home Platform: Energy Efficiency Meets High-Tech Living

From dream to reality: delve into the world of smart home technology and see which platform can make your home smarter and more efficient.

A worker installs a smart meter on a house, just as ConEd did in New York.
Smart meters, complex implications

Why Did ConEd Install a New Smart Meter on My Home?

ConEd’s new smart meters are a way for consumers to control their energy usage and save money while the utility prepares for the transition to renewable energy. Everything you need to know as a consumer.

A smart meter mounted on the outside of a home
Smart Energy Transition

Smart Meters Explained: Your Energy Use and Helping the Planet

Smart meters can help consumers save money while they help utilities manage the transition to clean energy.

A daughter found a great gifts for dad.
Handy, Happy Dad Picks

Smart, Useful Gifts for Dads and Father Figures

Dive into a world of clever and handy gifts for dads and father figures, where practicality meets fun, ensuring every present is as enjoyable as it is useful.

A woman sits on her couch looking at Black Friday deals.
Shop Smarter Black Friday

What to Buy on Black Friday for Your Smart and Energy-Efficient Home

Unlock the future of home living this Black Friday! Discover smart tech and energy-efficient appliances for a modern, eco-friendly home.

A doctor implants a chip into a person’s hand, they plan to operate their smart home with their implant.
Extreme smart home choices

Do You Need a Surgical Implant to Operate Your Smart Home?

Some Smart Home enthusiasts are implanting chips into their hands in order to operate their homes. Would you do the same and is there another way?

A modern home, which uses presence sensors, which are an innovation in in-home sensors to create more micro zoning.
The best in-home sensors

Innovation in Smart Home Tech: Adding Presence Sensors

Presence sensors enhance smart homes by detecting people and objects, optimizing HVAC and lighting, and automating tasks like curtain control. Are they right for you?

A couple is looking at a dishwasher together, they are deciding what to buy on Black Friday
Buy Smart Black Friday!

Overpriced Appliances to Score on Black Friday

Learn which appliances we think are best bought on a discount on Black Friday, especially smart home devices and other energy-efficient appliances.

A home garage that has a smart garage door opener on it.
Safer garage, safer family

What is a Smart Garage Door Opener, and Do You Need One?

Smart garage door openers are a valuable addition to your smart home setup, providing security and convenience for your garage access.

A couple is looking at their computer, deciding together what to buy during Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days to make their home more energy-efficient
Smarter home, smarter you

What to Buy on Prime Big Deal Days for a Smarter and More Energy-Efficient Home!

Your guide to getting the best deals on Amazon for a smarter and more energy-efficient home.

Someone punching in a code on a smart lock that also has a key, which you can rekey.
Smart Locks are amazing

Can You Rekey a Smart Lock?

Rekeying a smart lock is very similar to rekeying a regular lock, learn the ins and outs here!

These Father's Day gift ideas are sure to please
Dad deserves it

5 Energy-Saving Father's Day Gift Ideas for Dad in 2023

Still on the hunt for the perfect gift for Father's Day? Help Dad save energy at home (and money) this year with these energy-efficient gift ideas!

The best father's day gifts you can purchase online
Because he deserves it

Best Father’s Day Gifts for the Tech Enthusiast Dad in 2023

Looking for the perfect Father's Day gift for your tech enthusiast dad? Check out this roundup of the smart home best gifts for dad in 2023.

These Devices Mean You Can Crush Your OhmHours Without Lifting A Finger
Keep it simple

These Smart Home Devices Mean You Can Crush Your OhmHours Without Lifting A Finger

‘Set it and forget it’ with smart home devices.

Making Your Home a Smart Home Has Never Been Easier or Cheaper
Join the fun

Making Your Home a Smart Home Has Never Been Easier or Cheaper

OhmConnect has partnered with Hive to give you 20% off a Smart Home Starter Pack.

The Future Is Now With Home Automation. But What Is It & Why Do We Need It?
Future is now

The Future Is Now With Home Automation. But What Is It & Why Do We Need It?

Wherever you decide to start, a small investment in some smart home technology will help you take the first step towards simplifying your home and your life – and you'll save more than just time. ‍

The Silver Lining to America’s Tech Obsession
Circle of tech

The Silver Lining to America’s Tech Obsession

Smartphones and tablets keep getting smaller, replacing energy-hogging TVs and PCs while saving on raw materials

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Someone screws in a smart light bulb, they want to use more smart lighting
2023 Smart Light Picks

Our Top Picks for Smart Lighting

Presenting our top picks for smart light bulbs in 2023, each carefully selected for their innovative features and superior performance, setting the standard for smart home lighting this year

A man uses his phone to control his smart plugs, easily automating his home.
Smart plugs, smarter living

How To Automate Your Life With Smart Plugs — Resourceful Tricks to Simplify Your Daily Routines

From scheduling your devices to work in harmony with your daily routine to remotely controlling them with your smartphone, these smart plug strategies empower you to make your home more comfortable and customized.

Woman uses eco blow dryer by L’Oréal
Blow drying goes green

Turning Down the Heat: L’Oréal’s Energy-Efficient Blow Dryer Unveiled

L’Oréal’s new energy-efficient innovation offers an opportunity to unravel the long-standing inefficiencies of traditional blow dryers.

A man looks into his heat pump dryer for clean clothes.
Greener clothes care

The Heat Pump Dryer: A Game-Changer in Energy Efficiency and Savings

Heat pump clothes dryers are more energy efficient, safer, and better for our clothes. Learn more about the technology and why you should consider it!

Cute kid dressed as a vampire for Halloween, used to demonstrate the very real thread of energy vampires, which are appliances that draw energy when not in use.
Cut off energy vampires

Do You Have Energy Vampires Lurking In Your Home?

Your guide to hunting down the energy vampire devices using power (and costing you money!) without your knowledge

Apps that pay help you earn money even when you're on a walk
Go green, earn green

12 Apps That Pay For “Better” Lifestyle Choices

Apps that pay you! You're already going for a run, and turning off your lights when you leave the house - why not get paid for both of those actions?

Two people get energy data with green button on a computer
Just a click away

Pushing The Green Button: How to Access Your Home’s Energy Data to Save (& Even Earn) Money

Imagine seeing your energy usage in near real time and being able to make immediate changes to improve efficiency. That’s the power of Green Button.

A pile of old phones - showing the necessity of proper tech recycling
Precious materials preservation

Wired for Change: A Comprehensive Guide to Responsible Tech Recycling

Take a peek into the world of responsible technology recycling, uncovering the dangers of improper disposal and the significance of giving our gadgets a second life.

These folks are reducing screen time by taking a hike.
Screens, be gone!

My Intention for 2023: Reducing Screen Time and Tethering to Real Life Experiences

Who doesn't have "reducing screen time" on their to-do list? We've got 9 tips and tricks for reducing screen time for your and your kids this year.

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