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What to Buy on Black Friday for Your Smart and Energy-Efficient Home

Kelsey Bourgeois
November 20, 2023

The OhmConnect Editorial team has compiled a list of our favorite Smart Home and Energy-Efficient products we think are worth snagging on Black Friday this year.

Our Tech Picks


Budget Pick


LG 75-inch Smart TV with ThinQ

Why we love it: Most TVs these days are pretty high quality, so you’re not sacrificing much with the budget option here. Additionally, this Smart TV is integrated with ThinQ, which is a really easy interface and user experience Smart TV.

Best Picture


LG 65-inch OLED TV

Why we love it: If you are a cinephile or just willing to spend a bit more for the top-of-line picture-wise, don’t look further than this LG 65-inch OLED TV.

Smart Speakers

Best sound in a small package

Sound bar

Sonos Arc soundbar

Why we love it: Great sound in a small device; we love Sonos products!

Best low-end sound

Sound bar

Sonos Sub Mini

Why we love it: If you love action movies or listening to music, we highly recommend this Sonos Sub Mini. Add this on to your speaker set up to reproduce those low rumbling sounds of the explosions in action sequences.

Most Unique

Picture frame that is also a speaker

SYMFONISK Picture frame with Wi-Fi speaker, black/smart

Why we love it: This Ikea picture frame is also a speaker. This makes for a seamless speaker blending into your home experience but with all the quality and compatibility of the Sonos system.

*If the frame isn’t your style, we love the look of these bookshelf speakers. They still integrate into a Sonos home theater system while being cheaper than a set of Sonos speakers. They’re not on sale for Black Friday, so we’re giving them an honorable mention.



Sony ZV-1F Camera

Why we love it: Take your vlog to the next level with this camera!

Smart Plugs

Smart power strip

Smart Power Strip TP Link

Why we love it: Saves you energy and looks great! It also has 3 USB ports for easy device charging. It also integrates with Google Home and Alexa.

Outdoor smart plug

Outdoor Smart Plug TP Link

Why we love it: Safe to plug in outdoors! It is compatible with Alexa and Google Home and has voice control. Easy to set up and reliable.

Our Home Recs



DeWalt Drill and Impact Driver Combo

Why we love it: This is the kind of tool set that homeowners won’t outgrow. Buy for the DIYer in your life!


DeWalt 1/4-inch drive socket set

Why we love it: This is incredibly useful for assembling furniture and a bunch of other common household fixes and tasks. Once you own it, you’ll wonder how you did without it.

Tool set

Milwaukee Subcompact Drill and Impact Driver Combo

Why we love it: Super high quality. Most high powerful subcompact power drill and fastest sub-compact impact driver. You can get an extra free battery, too!


EGO Power+ Snow Blower with two batteries

Why we love it: Our Editor-in-Chief has one in the depths of the Midwest and loves it. If it can handle Minnesota, it can handle wherever you are!


Compact ultra-efficient washer/dryer combo

Why we love it: Smart control, efficient, and compact! The dryer is powered by a heat pump, which is a huge advancement in efficiency.

Induction stove

Frigidare Electric Induction Range with Convection Bake

Why we love it: Induction ranges are super efficient and this one is affordable, on sale and we know folks who own this exact model and can vouch for it.

Our Kitchen Recs

Yeti Mug

YETI Travel Mugs

Why we love them: Top-of-the-line travel mugs, including can insulators (or Koozies if you’re Midwestern), and hiking carriers with a strap around the shoulder.


KitchenAid Classic 4.5 Quart Mixer

Why we love it: You may have noticed we recommend this a lot, and that’s because it truly is the longest-lasting version of a stand mixer. You can repair it, and it’s super versatile, which is a sustainability win as well!

Coffee maker

Technivorm Moccamaster Cup One

Why we love it: fantastic one-cup coffee, our Editor-in-Chief’s favorite and more than just this size is on sale!

Editor’s note: If you make a purchase through our affiliate partner links, we may receive a commission. This does not impact the recommendations we make.

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