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An aerial view of a neighborhood, showing eco-friendly roofs, AI-generated
Overhead eco

My Eco-Friendly Roof: Greening Your Home from the Top Down

Everything you need to consider to make the right choices for an eco-friendly roof.

Solar panels on a net zero home
Low Impact Living

What Is a Net Zero Home?

A net zero home produces as much energy as it consumes for home heating and cooling and all electrical needs over a given time period. You can have one!

A foreman stands looking at a home, he will need to build all four control layers on this house.
Stay dry and comfortable

What Are the Four Control Layers of a House and Why Should I Care?

Energy efficiency starts with building science. Learn about the four control layers of a house and how they impact your bills.

Someone is installing home insulation in an attic. The materials appears to be recycled and therefore would have a lower footprint.
Low environmental impact insulation

How to Choose Home Insulation With the Lightest Carbon Footprint

Our top picks for effective home insulation that also have the lowest environmental impact.

A passive house at dusk, the design is modern and angular. The building is taking advantage of the climate in the area it was built in order to reduce energy consumption needs to run it.
Take advantage of nature

What is a Passive House and Should I Build One?

Passive House is a voluntary building code that reduces the energy it takes to run your home, sometimes down to zero.

A family sitting on their porch with a pumpkin, two parents and two kids. They are thinking through their fall home maintenance list to get ready for the change in seasons.
The leaves are changing

Fall Home Maintenance: Make Your Home Last Longer and Perform Better

Indoor, outdoor, and professional needed home maintenance tasks for the fall.

The Best Cheap & Free Tools for Home Energy Efficiency
You can do it

The Best Cheap & Free Tools for Home Energy Efficiency

Making your home energy efficient shouldn't break the bank. Check out our best tips to save on your energy bill.

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Four colorful new front doors
Energy saving doors

How to Choose a New Front Door With Energy-Efficiency and Sustainability in Mind

New front doors are generally made from steel, fiberglass, or wood. Learn which is most sustainable and energy-efficient!

Get an IRA rebate for remodeling
Why pay more?

IRA Rebates Are Coming Soon: Here's How You Can Take Advantage Through Home Electrification Projects

You may be eligible for an IRA rebate if you're electrifying your home! Make the most of the High-Efficiency Electric Home Rebate Act (HEEHRA) with our guide.

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Smart Energy is learning to DIY
DIY essentials

Smart Energy Podcast Episode 10

We go over highlights from the past episodes, chat about Editor-in-Chief's inspiring background in DIY/home improvement, how individuals can build more confidence in tackling home projects themselves, and answer a listener question about what to do with grounded outlets.

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A woman has coffee and reads about energy-saving tips for NYC living
Energy-saving: city style

Maximizing Small Space Living: Energy-Saving Tips for NYC Apartments

From quick fixes to long-term changes, this guide covers how to optimize energy use in NYC apartments.

Using a thermal imaging camera like the HIKMICRO Pocket 2 to do an energy audit
Win and save!

Win a HIKMIKRO Pocket 2 Thermal Imaging Camera and more

We're giving away a thermal imaging camera to help you spot those pesky energy leaks! Plus, a chance to win a smart thermostat and smart plugs, too!

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An energy audit professional writes notes.
Audit today, save tomorrow

Understanding Home Energy Audits: What You Need to Know

Find out what a home energy audit entails and how it could be the key to unlocking significant energy and cost savings for you.

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