Using a thermal imaging camera like the HIKMICRO Pocket 2 to do an energy audit
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Win and save!

Win a HIKMIKRO Pocket 2 Thermal Imaging Camera and more

Andrew Zoellner
September 7, 2023

Want to make your home more energy efficient? Want to automatically save electricity (and money)? Then you'll want to enter our Energy Efficiency Tools Giveaway! Use the form below to enter, and come back every day through the end of the contest (October 10) to get an additional entry!

Grand Prize: HikMicro Pocket 2

The HikMicro Pocket 2 thermal imaging camera is a great home energy audit tool. It can help you spot where air is leaking into (and out of) your home around windows, doors, and outlets. It can also help you find places where you may be missing insulation or have other thermal bypasses in your home. It's a fantastic tool for a home energy performance enthusiast, and will help you narrow down where to focus your efforts on insulating and air-sealing.

Additional Prize: Smart Thermostat and Four OhmPlugs

The Ecobee 3 Lite smart thermostat provides great value for price. It boasts a responsive touchscreen and integrations with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, Wink and IFTTT. Works with room sensors for precise comfort and control across your home.

The OhmPlug is the key to unlocking all kinds of automated energy savings. Not many of us have the patience to run around our homes to power down during OhmConnect's energy saving events, or we simply forget. This is where your OhmPlug helps: simply plug an energy hogging appliance into your OhmPlug, and we automatically power those energy hogs on and off, earning you rewards without needing to lift a finger!

10 OhmPlug Winners

Ten lucky entrants will each win an OhmPlug to start on their energy-saving journeys.

Special thanks to all who enter, and we'll contact the winners after the contest closes.

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