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A mother and her two daughters playing with the outdoor hose after learning about some cooling hacks for the summer!
Summer is on its way

7 Home Cooling Hacks You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner

Here are seven cooling hacks to keep in mind this summer as we become more susceptible to heat waves.

Young girl sits in front of a fan to keep her cool during local heat waves.
Important information for extreme heat

Staying Safe During Heat Waves

Heat waves can be very uncomfortable, expensive, and even dangerous if not taken seriously. This article talks about how to prepare yourself and your home to manage extreme temperatures this summer.

A smoky skyline indicates poor air quality due to wildfires.
Keep yourself safe

Indoor Air Quality and Wildfires

Several helpful tips to maintain good indoor air quality during wildfires season, including what the Air Quality Index is, and how to clean the air inside.

Power lines in winter
Weathering the grid challenge

Adapting to a Changing Climate: Strengthening Our Power Grid Against Natural Disasters

Peek into the future of power grid resilience in the face of increasing challenges posed by climate change.

Extreme cold on a winter porch
Winter wisdom, stay prepared

How to Stay Safe Through Extreme Cold

Stay safe and prepared during extreme cold by staying indoors, ensuring your car and home are winter-ready, and taking special care of pets and plants.

Photo of lightning striking in a field, a type of extreme weather
Rain rain, go away

Five Examples of Extreme Weather in the U.S. Plus How to Prepare for Each

Thanks to its geography, the United States experiences more than its share of extreme weather. Here’s how to prepare!

Water dripping off a railing frozen because there was cold weather in an area that wasn’t used to it.
Prep for peace

Preparing for Cold Weather in Places Unaccustomed to It

As the climate changes, we can expect more extreme weather in places that aren’t used to it. Learn what you need to know if you’re not used to cold weather but may be facing it!

An Eastern Meadowlark in a field in autumn. This is a migratory bird, which we can help save by using fewer lights at nights and that will also save energy and money
Save the birds

Turn Off Your Lights to Save the Birds and a Little Money!

It’s migratory bird season; here’s how to do your part to save the birds and save some money while you’re at it.

High winds and residential flooding are anticipated from hurricane Idalia
Don't fret, prep

Hurricane Idalia and More Frequent Hurricanes - How to Avoid Hopelessness in the Age of Climate Change

Idalia information and avoiding climate change hopelessness

Blackouts are caused by an overworked electric grid
Compounding effects

Why Does A Heat Wave Cause A Blackout

An aging and overworked electric grid is only part of the problem.

64% of Americans are now exposed to extreme heat. Here's why that's worrying
Hot in here

64% of Americans are now exposed to extreme heat. Here's why that's worrying

Today, record-breaking heat waves have emerged with alarming frequency and more intensity than ever before. 64% of America is affected by extreme heat and can our renewable energy sources provide as extreme temperatures increase?

California is on fire
Please stay safe

California is on fire

The region has become dryer, which transformed California’s iconic golden hillsides into kindling for a nightmarish fire season.

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Having a backup power source to keep your home running during a power outage is critical.
Big, big batteries

What Backup Power Source Should You Use?

A backup power source, whether it’s a generator, grid-connected battery, a portable power bank, or a combination of those, is increasingly important during extreme weather.

Measuring heat pump efficiency in winter
Baby it’s cold outside

Maximizing Winter Comfort: Heat Pump Efficiency in Cold Climates

A deep dive into the world of heat pump efficiency and some helpful, practical tips to make the most of their performance during the frosty months.

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power outage resetting a circuit breaker
Be prepared

When the lights go out: Making the most of a short power outage

Whether it’s an hour or a day long, it’s never a bad idea to be prepared for what to do during a power outage

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