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Buy Smart Black Friday!

Overpriced Appliances to Score on Black Friday

Steve Hansen
November 14, 2023

Black Friday is the top shopping day in the history of the universe, and fortunately, we don’t have to queue at midnight in a frigid parking lot to score top deals anymore. We can be cozy at home and still score the stuff we need/want online, but some hot products tend to be overpriced due to popularity. So it’s a good idea to be informed on truly good deals and know a hot buy when you see it. Here are some of the products that often see the best discounts, so get ready to pounce!

Our Favorites

Air Purifiers

Whether you have less-than-great air quality where you live, or you live with pets, suffer from allergies, or still have a gas stove or other indoor combustion, having an air purification system makes a lot of sense. This unit offers three-stage filtration, app-based control, and voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant. Plus, it’s ENERGY STAR rated, so you know it’s an energy-efficient model, and it’s available in white, gray, and black to blend in with your decor, more or less. Finally, it’s top-rated by previous buyers.

High-End Coffee Makers

Are you ready for a smart coffee maker? This one works with Alexa, so you can just bark out your orders when you’re ready for the brewing to begin. You can also use the Alexa app to control the unit while at home and remotely, including turning it off if you’ve forgotten again. This feature gives me great peace of mind.

Kitchen Mixers

The KitchenAid mixer is one of the classic designs of all time, and its performance and durability are renowned. If you’re a home baker, having one of these is probably on your short list already, so why not get a good deal on this long-lasting, premium product?

Outdoor Grills

For some of us, there’s no such thing as “grilling season” or “barbeque season.” Any day but a thunderstorm is just fine. Whether you favor the classic charcoal grill or the convenience of a gas grill, having and using top-notch hardware is half the fun. This charcoal grill is nicely updated with a side table and a much-better ash catcher than a standard kettle grill, which tends to be the sore point for charcoal grills. This gas grill is big for cooking a whole mess of tasty food, and it’s constructed of stainless steel, so you won’t have to worry about it rusting away after a few years. The same goes for the grates, as they’re porcelain-coated.

Smart Home Appliances  

Major appliances are available in a dizzying array of models, and so are tough to shop for. Plus, you’ll find that the reliability ratings for common brands are all over the place, so how the heck can you decide what to buy?

That’s where reviews come in, such as those from the generally respected Consumer Reports. Their survey results cover refrigerators, dishwashers, ranges, cooktops, electric wall ovens, over-the-range microwaves, washing machines, and dryers. Their top brands, as of their 2020 subscriber survey, are as follows, along with notes on their products.

  1. Speed Queen: Makes only washers and dryers.
  2. Miele: All products above average except cooktops.
  3. LG: All products above average.
  4. Roper: Makes only washers and dryers.
  5. Cafe: All products above average.
  6. Monogram: All products above average.
  7. GE: All products above average.
  8. Signature: Survey included only refrigerators and OTR microwaves.
  9. Whirlpool: All products above average.
  10. Bosch: All products above average except refrigerators.

So now you have some data to work with, and it’s a judgment call, but I know what I would do. If I were outfitting a whole kitchen, I would buy a smart refrigerator, smart induction range, smart dishwasher, and smart microwave from LG. You can get them all in a “bundle” that saves you $1604 on the set. By buying one brand, you can use just that one app to control all the appliances, which is so much more convenient. Plus, you can get up to $840 as a rebate for the induction stove thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act!

If you’re not buying a whole bundle of appliances, then I’d say just stick with the top brands as listed above. Most appliances have the same features, and these brands are likely to give you fewer problems.

Smart Thermostats

These gizmos should be in every home with a furnace or boiler by now. They learn your family’s habits and help you optimize to save money, rather than requiring you to program what you think is the best approach. Look for deals on Black Friday on top brands from Nest, Ecobee, and Levoit. Many utility companies offer generous rebates that bring the cost down substantially, also.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Robotic vacs are amazing. You can set a schedule or use voice control with Alexa or Google Home Assistant to have it start whenever you want. The vac will run for up to 120 minutes, and if it doesn’t finish its route in that time, it will return to the charging station, charge up, and resume where it left off. It also empties itself at the charging station, which holds a 30-day supply of debris. Unless you enjoy vacuuming your home, this is a better way!

Smart Televisions

TVs are always a competitive category and one of the top Black Friday purchases. Plus, they just keep getting better and better. This model from Samsung has four times the resolution of standard HD televisions, as well as a curved screen for an even better viewing experience. I can’t believe how cheap TVs are now. No wonder people don’t go to movie theaters much anymore.

Where to Get the Best Deals

According to research conducted by personal finance website WalletHub, the following retailers’ 2022 Black Friday discounts were as follows:

  • JCPenney: 64.7%
  • Belk: 64.2%
  • Macy’s: 53.0%
  • Office Depot/OfficeMax: 49.9%
  • Kohl’s: 44.2%
  • Lenovo: 40.7%
  • Target: 32.9%
  • Big Lots: 32.9%
  • Academy Sports & Outdoors: 31.1%
  • Home Depot: 30.9%
  • Newegg: 28.5%
  • Walmart: 28.4%
  • BJ’s: 27.6%
  • Amazon: 25.7%
  • Best Buy: 22.9%
  • Costco: 16.8%

With any luck, you’ll find this data useful in your shopping this year. Good luck finding your deals!

Editor’s note: If you make a purchase through our affiliate partner links, we may receive a commission. This does not impact the recommendations we make.

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