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Save More Energy with LG Air Conditioners and OhmConnect

Andrew Zoellner
December 22, 2023

It’s official! OhmConnect is now integrated with LG Electronics and their ThinQ smart home platform. LG makes a wide array of electronics and home appliances, but the initial step of the integration is being able to connect LG mini splits, LG window air conditioners, and portable air conditioners to OhmConnect. That means if you already own an LG air conditioner or ductless AC that’s on the ThinQ platform, you can also connect it to OhmConnect to automatically save electricity!

About one-third of US residences don’t have central air conditioning, relying instead on window and portable in-room air conditioners during hot weather, especially those in rental or apartment housing. Through this integration, more members and more appliances will be able to join in conserving energy, automatically, when the grid is at capacity. Of course, you can opt out of any energy-saving event if it's not convenient for you.

If you’re still using old window or portable air conditioners (10 years old or older), it’s time to think about replacement. With the introduction of inverter air conditioners to the consumer market, window and in-room air conditioners have become quieter, more efficient, and overall easier to use. And with smart-home integrations like LG ThinQ, you can take advantage of scheduling your cooling based on when you’re home, automatically adjusting temps to your preferences (just like a smart thermostat does with central HVAC systems). Better comfort for you, plus you’re not wasting energy when you aren’t home - it’s a win-win.

If you’re looking to cool (and heat) a larger space or considering a whole-home HVAC replacement, LG’s line of mini-split air conditioners can also connect to OhmConnect for automatic energy saving during events. (Did you know there are also incentives through the Inflation Reduction Act for upgrading to a heat pump?) Both LG and OhmConnect are very excited about this partnership and are working on more product integrations from across LG’s smart home ecosystem.

We know that saving energy benefits everyone, and it’s clear that partnerships are the key to doing as much as we can to reduce electricity demand and ultimately mitigate the most serious effects of climate change. There’s no one person or company that’s going to figure out the silver bullet solution. It’s going to take us all working together, the combined actions of individuals, companies, and governments, to truly make a difference.

To get started with connecting your LG air conditioner to OhmConnect, open the LG ThinQ app (or download it from the App Store or Google Play Store) to link your device and see the earnings roll in!

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