AutoOhms: earn cash, automatically

Say hello to AutoOhms, the hands-free way to get rewarded for saving energy in your home.

AutoOhms are short energy saving events that happen in real time: your smart plugs and thermostat turn off automatically for short busts, and you earn cash for saving energy without lifting a finger.

Get paid to save, hands-free!

More about AutoOhms

Understanding AutoOhms

autoohms dashboard on a phone

Just like #OhmHours, AutoOhms happen when there’s too much strain on the energy grid.

With #OhmHours, we get 24 hours' notice that supply and demand on the grid aren’t matching up, which is why we tell you a full day before an #OhmHour is about to happen. But sometimes, that mismatch happens in real time, causing significant stress to the grid. Until now, this could only be solved by turning on more dirty power plants.

Enter AutoOhms. Since your devices turn off automatically, you don’t need to do anything and you’ll reduce energy without even noticing. It’s our way of helping the grid when it needs it most — and rewarding you for using less energy at critical times.

How AutoOhms work

During an AutoOhm, your smart thermostats and any devices and appliances that are connected to smart plugs will power down automatically. You’ll earn a flat rate for every 15 minutes each appliance is off — which means the more plugs and thermostats you have connected, the more you make!

The nuts and bolts:

feet of a family under the blanket in a bed participating in autoohm without lifting a finger

How to participate in AutoOhms

To participate in AutoOhms, you must have at least one eligible smart device, such as TP-Link smart plugs or Nest Smart Thermostats, set up in your home and connected to OhmConnect. Not sure if your devices are eligible? Read our full FAQ on AutoOhms here.

Don’t have smart devices or not sure what they are? You can get them directly through our store. We’ve got the best smart plugs and thermostats on the market at members-only prices. Get some today and start reaping the benefits of simpler energy savings.

How AutoOhms are different

Both AutoOhms and #OhmHours are ways for you to get paid for saving energy. 

#OhmHours happen when the grid predicts an energy surge in the next 24 hours. AutoOhms happen when the grid is experiencing a surge in energy right now. For this reason, they’re set up a little differently. 

Take a look at the table below for an outline:

Notification defaults
Smart devices required?
How to participate
Manually turn off appliances and/or let smart devices automatically turn off.
Off. No need to prepare since your smart devices do it all.
On. Prepare in advance to maximize rewards!
Smart devices do all the work.
15 to 45 minutes
1 hour

Refresher: How all this works

The energy market is pretty good at accurately predicting how much energy a region needs. But sometimes, there are unexpected spikes in energy demand. When that happens, the grid has two options to balance out the scales: either produce more energy or reduce demand.

To generate energy quickly, the grid has to use fast-acting power plants that are expensive to operate and pollute 2-3x more than typical power plants.  

The other option — reducing demand — is where OhmConnect comes in. By participating in energy saving events like AutoOhms and #OhmHours, we prevent the grid from turning on dirty power plants. And best of all: you get cash in your pocket, instead funding dirty power plants.