#OhmHour Success Guide
How much energy does my stuff use?

Saving energy during #OhmHours starts with understanding your home's electricity usage. Here's how North American residential electricity usage consumption typically breaks down:

So... what does that mean for your #OhmHours? Here are our tips to cover the majority of electricity in your home:

Home Cooling
Turn off central AC
3.50 kWh
Turn off window A/C unit
0.50 - 1.50 kWh
Turn off central fan
0.30 kWh
Example: Turn off central A/C, central fan and one large window A/C unit on a hot day = 5.3 kWh savings
How to automate: connect a smart thermostat
Home Heating
Turn off space heater
1.32 kWh
Turn off furnace fan
0.30 kWh
Example: Turn off central heating and 2 space heaters on a cold day = 2.94 kWh savings
How to automate: connect a smart thermostat
Turn off 10 60W bulbs
0.60 kWh
Turn off 10 14W fluorescent bulbs
0.14 kWh
Turn off 10 7W LED lightbulbs
0.07 kWh
Example: Turn off all 30 incandescent bulbs in your house = 1.80 kWh savings
How to automate: connect smart light bulbs or lamps to smart switches
Water Heating
Don't use hot water + avoid running heater for 15 minutes
1.13 kWh
Put heater on smart plug + avoid average usage of 7.5 minutes per hour (most water heaters run for 3 hours/day)
0.56 kWh
Example: Taking a hot shower, running a load of laundry and the dishwasher would have caused your heater to run for 1 hour. You do these things after the #OhmHour = 4.50 kWh savings
How to automate: If your water heater is electric, put it on a smart plug so it won't heat water during #OhmHours.
Put fridge on a smart plug or unplug it (the FDA reports a fridge keeps food cold for 4 hours if the door is kept closed)
0.10 - 0.23 kWh
Example: Turn off two average-sized fridges for an hour = 0.30 kWh savings
How to automate: Put your refrigerator(s) on a smart plug
Turn off entertainment system
(TV, cable box, video game system)
0.24 - 0.48 kWh
Turn off 2 desktop computers
0.06 kWh
Unplug 2 laptop computers
0.16 - 0.24 kWh
Turn off stereo system
0.03 kWh
Example: Unplug entertainment system and use 2 laptops on battery = 0.54 kWh savings
How to automate: Plug your entertainment system into one power strip and put it on a smart plug
Avoid running clothes washer for 1 hr
0.26 kWh 
Avoid running clothes dryer for 1 hr
2.79 kWh
Avoid running iron for 15 min
0.28 kWh
Avoid running vacuum for 15 mins
0.14 kWh
Example: Instead of running washer & dryer for 1 hour, wait until after #OhmHour = 3.05 kWh savings
How to automate: Put a smart plug on your dryer in case you forget about the #OhmHour, and finish the drying later
Avoid running electric oven at 350 degrees for 1 hr
2.00 kWh
Avoid running dishwasher for 1 hr
0.33 kWh
Avoid running microwave for 5 min
0.13 kWh
Avoid running toaster for 5 min
0.09 kWh
Avoid running coffee maker for 5 min
0.08 kWh
Example: Wait on baking those brownies and doing the dishes until after the #OhmHour = 2.33 kWh savings
How to automate: Put your electric oven on a smart plug

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