February 12, 2020
Cisco DeVries Makes Predictions for 2020

Cisco DeVries, energy expert and CEO of OhmConnect—a company that helps California residents lessen their energy consumption when the grid is stressed—has insights to share with us about the year we've just begun. Here are some things to ponder in 2020.

February 12, 2020
The Progression of the Energy Industry in 2020

People have realized that they can take control of their energy in lots of other ways. With their smart devices and a little bit of planning, consumers can now make money on their energy use, while simultaneously keeping the grid stable.

Outside Online
November 29, 2019
How to Make Consumers Care About the Environment

If you’re not supposed to swim against a riptide, is there a better, smarter way to paddle out of this predicament? Changing consumer behavior is tricky, in part because our brains are on autopilot a lot of the time ...

ABC30 News
October 21, 2019
Company paying Fresnans to save energy

It's lights off at Christina Garcia's northwest Fresno home. She's just one of 60,000 Fresno residents who's using OhmConnect, a web site, to get paid for saving electricity. [...] Garcia has earned money weekly, but recently her choices turned into big cash for her. She won energy for life...

Daily Energy Insider
October 18, 2019
New California law requires development of smart appliances

The Clean Power, Smart Power bill, introduced in California by state Sen. Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley), was signed into law last week, mandating manufacturers to begin making smart appliances. [...] The bill moved forward with help from OhmConnect, developer of a simple, effective energy saving service that has helped 500,000 California consumers save over 2 million kilowatt-hours of dirty energy to date...

Cision - PR Newswire
September 24, 2019
OhmConnect Names New CEO After Hitting Major Milestones

OhmConnect, the leading clean energy program for Californians, today announced the company has improved its residential energy-saving service, expanded its offerings, and increased its customer base to more than 500,000 customer signups. It has also named Cisco DeVries as CEO to take it to the next milestone goal: one million Californians actively engaged in saving energy, reducing the use of fossil fuels, and receiving an average of $300-$500 a year in return...

California Energy Commission
March 28, 2019
OhmConnect Gamifies Energy Use to Shift Energy Demand

The San Francisco-based OhmConnect bridges the gap between consumers and the energy sector by paying users to cut their electricity use during high demand times and shifting use to low demand times. Doing so improves resiliency on the electric grid...

Sierra Magazine
February 23, 2019
Gaming The Grid

Many energy consumers in California, Texas, and Toronto are in luck: OhmConnect is a free service that notifies users during peak electricity consumption hours, keeping the peaker plants off and paying users for the energy they save...

The Porterville Register
February 5, 2019
Power Rankings

In just-released 2018 energy use rankings, three local cities have been named as three of the top ten most-conserving communities in the state, according to a new Power Use survey from OhmConnect...

January 10, 2019
Can Private Industry Solve Our Climate Crisis Where Governments Fail?

Since governments haven’t done a great deal - global carbon emissions are still increasing - perhaps private industry can facilitate people stepping in themselves.

Solar Power World
October 2, 2018
OhmConnect Rewards California Energy Saver with more than $2.5m

OhmConnect announced that the company has concluded its first-ever MEGA Summer campaign, awarding more than $2.5 million to California residents in just three months for saving energy at critical energy-heavy usage times...

ABC News San Diego
September 17, 2018
Making it in San Diego

While many people in San Diego saw their energy bills skyrocket over the summer, some others were able to turn the heat into an advantage ...

Green Tech Media
August 30, 2018
OhmConnect and Nest make it Offical

A “Works With Nest” partnership targets PG&E territory to scale up the company’s unusual approach to third-party residential demand response.

Yale Climate Connections
February 6, 2018
App Lets Californians Collect Cash For Saving Energy

Saving energy helps you save money on your utility bills. In California, it can help you make money too. The state increasingly relies on clean power. But there are still times when demand for energy is so high that ...

Fast Company
January 10, 2018
This Startup Will Pay You To Use Less Electricity

When a single homeowner decides to turn off her TV in the evening, the action barely registers on the electric grid. It’s one appliance in one home, out of millions. But when thousands of homeowners turn off their TVs...

May 4, 2017
OhmConnect Wins Deal to Supply 4.5 MW of Behavioral Demand Response to SDG&E 

Last week, San Diego Gas & Electric announced a first-of-its-kind contract for behavioral demand response -- a deal with Ohmconnect for 4.5 megawatts of energy flexibility, available within 20 minutes notice...

March 7, 2017
Energy Saving Can Be Fun But No Need To Turn Off All The Lights

A new company is doing more than just monitoring electricity use. It's making tracking your electrical data fun. Steve Reed of San Diego says he signed up for free with OhmConnect. He was eager to see ...

Greentech Media
August 3rd, 2016
California’s DRAM Auction Contracts for 82MW of Distributed Energy as Grid Resource

California’s groundbreaking test of distributed energy resources (DERs) as aggregated grid assets continues -- and this time, the rewards and the responsibilities are even greater...

May 26th, 2016
Could you 'Unplug' for One Hour? This Company Will Pay You

Could you unplug for one hour? No TV. No computer. Nothing.It might sound ridiculous, but many of us spend our entire day in front of a screen and studies show we’re suffering as a result.

April 10th, 2016
California Company Will Give You $300 For Saving Energy One Hour Per Week

Not many people would be opposed to saving money especially when it’s as easy as flipping a light switch.That’s basically all California residents have to do to earn up to $300 a year for reducing their electricity usage. According to The Penny Hoarder...

Energy Manager Today
February 16th, 2016
Sierra Club-OhmConnect Affinity Program Will Pay Customers for Peak Savings

The Sierra Club and OhmConnect announced a partnership on February 16th that offsets energy customers in several parts of California...

Greentech Media
October 15th, 2015
Project Lets Homes Bid Into CAISO Market

Schneider Electric and OhmConnect are teaming up on an innovative demand response program that will allow residences to be aggregated and bid into the California ISO market without any connection to a utility...

Green Tech Media
October 14th, 2015
Homes Are Being Tested as Grid-Responsive Assets—No Utilities Required

Now a new pilot project being conducted by grid giant Schneider Electric and startup Ohmconnect is seeking to overcome these barriers. Under the pilot, customers of California’s big three utilities can apply...

Government Technology
September 1st, 2015
How Startups Are Transforming the Smart City Movement

Remember the 1990s visions of the future? Those first incantations of the sweeping “smart city,” so technologically utopian and Tomorrowland-ish in design? The concept and solutions were pitched by tech titans like IBM and Cisco...

Intel IQ
April 22nd, 2015
Smart Home Technology That Pays You for Saving Electricity

As people around the world celebrate Earth Day on April 22, there is a growing number of people in California earning money for the energy they’re saving on almost any given day.

March 27th, 2015
An Energy App’s Unusual Bid to Make Money from California’s Wholesale Electricity Market 

There’s no shortage of apps and smart thermostats out there to help you figure out your energy use and cut wasteful consumption. But what if you can do that and raise money for a good cause?

GreenTech Media
March 24th, 2015
California’s Demand Response 2.0 Creates New Competitive Markets

Last year, we covered how California utility regulators and grid operators are rewriting the rules for demand response -- the practice of reducing energy use in homes and businesses to meet grid needs...That’s also the opportunity being targeted by Ohmconnect, the San Francisco-based startup that’s aggregated several thousand households in PG&E territory into its energy efficiency and demand management platform.

February 15th, 2015
The system that pays you to use less electricity

Maybe you've heard of smart homes, where devices and appliances are connected so they can "talk" to each other. Well, they're getting smarter, and greener. Imagine: it's around 6pm, and people are arriving home from work. Everybody turns on their lights, stoves, and heating or air conditioning all at once, placing demand on the grid...

December 26th, 2014
The DIY Platform to Convert Energy Waste into Donations to Charity

Maybe you've heard of smart homes, where devices and appliances are connected so they can "talk" to each other. Well, they're getting smarter, and greener. Imagine: it's around 6pm, and people are arriving home from work. Everybody turns on their lights, stoves, and heating or air conditioning all at once, placing demand on the grid...

December 3rd, 2014
Energy Startup Series: OhmConnect

Ohmconnect’s CMO and co-founder Curtis Tongue was drawn to energy after starting his career in advertising and design. He combined his consumer engagement background with his co-founder Matt Duesterberg’s deep understanding of electricity markets...

November 17th, 2014
Mid-November Update

I am most excited about a concept called OhmConnect ( It’s a great example of how a startup can solve a major inefficiency in an existing market...

November 7th, 2014
Energy Storage Underpinning Green Energy Development

In the United States, power suppliers underestimate electricity consumption around 1% of the time, which means they have to switch on ‘peaker plants’ – generally natural gas-fired turbines, plus some oil-fired equipment – which are run only to meet peak demand...

November 3rd, 2014
Surprise twist ends VERGE startup battle

Ohmconnect is a web service that helps consumers reduce their electricity demand during peak hours. Using a program called Ohmhour, Ohmconnect actually pays energy consumers for reducing their energy usage. In his pitch, Duesterberg told a story of a woman...

October 17th, 2014
Are smart phones the bridge to automated demand response?

Today's call-ahead, manual demand response programs are better than nothing, but a far cry from the automated demand response we should have. Only when the system talks directly to smart thermostats and smart devices can we get the split-second response...

October 7th, 2014
The 8 Sustainable Technologies Governments Should Use to Save Taxpayer Money

Ohmconnect alerts you when dirty, expensive power plants switch on nearby and pays you for reducing your electricity use...

September 29th, 2014
Ohmconnect debuts new demand response model

Ohmconnect alerts you when dirty, expensive power plants switch on nearby and pays you for reducing your electricity use...

September 17th, 2014
How open data is transforming city life

Ohmconnect helps manage the city’s power needs by paying people to reduce their electricity use so that the most inefficient power plants don’t have to supply more power....

September 5th, 2014
Consumer IoT Business Model that Pays to be Eco-Friendly

Integrating IoT with the smart grid enables new market and grid services not possible in the past. By coordinating a fleet of smart devices, Ohmconnect has built virtual power plants that bid into energy markets as actual generation.

August 18th, 2014
This Startup Will Pay You for Lowering Your Energy Bills

Ohmconnect is the platform that pays you to save on your own electricity bills.  You heard that correctly: they pay you to save money! Taking advantage of the IoT...

June 20th, 2014
You Can Get Paid for Reducing How Much Electricity You Use

When the electric grid can't meet demand—perhaps because you've been running the A/C too long, or a wind farm isn't performing fully—managers turn to "peaker" stations...

May 18h, 2014
A Smaller Carbon Footprint? There’s an app for that

It might be hard to wrap your head around, but a Bay Area company is aiming to turn your home into a "virtual powerplant" -- no solar panels required. San Francisco-based Ohmconnect has created an online service to help people cash in...

May 17th, 2014
Will This Startup Finally Bridge the Smart Home to the Smart Grid?

That’s the central question behind many cleantech industry players and that’s why the Department of Energy launched the American Energy Data Challenge. We interviewed...

May 9th, 2014
Our Favorite 8 Startups from 500 Startups Demo Day

Make money by turning down your electricity usage during peak hours. That’s the pitch fromOhmconnect. The service alerts you when the power grid is under strain. When that happens...

April 18th, 2014
Ohmconnect Proves Not Every Cleantech Startup Needs a Ton of Capital to Get Off the Ground

For all the emphasis placed on clean energy, you might expect that a significant dent’s been made in humanity’s carbon dioxide emissions — emissions that are directly linked to warming temperatures on Earth, according to the overwhelming majority of climate scientists....

March 28th, 2014
With Barriers Gone for Energy Data, Young Entrepreneurs Are Jumping In

After a combination of federal and state initiatives, as well as a far-reaching rollout of smart meters, home energy data in California has finally emerged as a platform for innovation and entrepreneurs. New startups working with energy data...