Reap the Referral Rewards: More ways to earn with OhmConnect!

Nobody can turn down a good side hustle, right? Check out five ways to make easy money with OhmConnect.

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Sophie Lubin
February 6, 2018

Whether you're a full-time parent looking to earn some income during your baby's nap, or a full-time professional trying to pay off a mortgage, extra cash in your pocket is *never* a bad thing. Nobody can argue with a good side hustle, right? So we want to make it easy for you to earn money online, by referring people to a program that will actually *pay* them to save energy ... and at the same time, do something good for the planet! It's a win-win.

Here's how you can earn money with OhmConnect referrals: 

1) Earn $20 for each friend you refer!

OhmConnect is a power-in-numbers program. The more people save, the more impact our community makes. We want to encourage you to continue sharing our program with your friends, so we’ve launched a new referral program that gives your friends more of an incentive to join.

The new referral program includes:

  • $20 for you! When someone signs up using your personal referral link, connects their utility account, and save energy during OhmHours, you get $20.
  • $10 for your friend when they connect their utility account and save energy during OhmHours.

2) Seven email templates to get your friends on board

Want to explain OhmConnect to different kinds of people with a wide spectrum of questions or concerns? We've got you covered. We’ve drafted a few different ways you can talk about OhmConnect - how it helps you save money, use less energy, and reduce your environmental impact. We've also spelled out how your referrals can connect their utility accounts. Check it all out on the blog!

3) You’ve got a personalized referral link!

To make it easier to remember than a scrambled mess of letters and digits, your referral link will now always match your OhmConnect username. You can find your personal link here. Share it with friends, post it online, and earn $20 for everyone that signs up, connects their utility account, and starts saving energy during OhmHours!

4) Automatic reminder emails to people you've already invited

Sometimes it takes people a little while to fully sign up for OhmConnect. Now you can help remind them automatically, without needing to lift a finger. You can turn on reminder emails for all your contacts and include a special note to go out each week. (And rest assured, you can still send personalized messages too!)  Check it out for yourself — it's at the bottom of your referrals page.

5) Invites made easier

Can’t remember your referral link? At any time you can text the word 'invite' to OhmConnect (410-99) and we'll send your personal referral link back to you — which you can then share easily from your phone. And the same rule works for email, too. Just email and we'll send you back a message you can forward to anyone you know.

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