61 Ways To Spend an OhmHour

Got an OhmHour coming your way and not sure how to spend it? Check out this list of suggestions from the OhmConnect community!

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Katie Overmonds
October 15, 2018

One of the first questions we often receive from new OhmConnect community members is “What should I do during my OhmHour? Just sit there with the lights off?”

And the short answer is no! We’ve heard of SO many fun ways to spend that unplugged hour, and depending on your forecast, sometimes you can even leave the lights on!

To give you some ideas to get started, we asked the OhmConnect team and our community to come up with a list of 61 of their favorite ways to spend an OhmHour.


61 Ways To Spend OhmHours

1. Charge up a tablet before the OhmHour, then unplug and catch up on your favorite shows on Netflix.


3. Go outside for a walk or a hike


5. Draw a nice hot tub and soak in the candlelight

6. Catch up on some household chores - dishes by hand, anyone?


8. Start getting hands-on with a new home project

9. Take your family out to dinner at a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try


11. Go see a movie in theaters

12. “Set my snake loose in the dark, then try to find her when the lights come back on!”


14. Defrost the freezer

15. Water the plants


17. Write thank you notes to the people in your life you’re thankful for

18. “I hang a sheet, shine some bicycle lights onto it and do shadow puppet shows with my daughters. It’s become one of our favorite things to do together. The girls will ask me when we can have another OhmHour!” -  Shane from Escondido, CA  

19. “I try to catch up on my journal”


21. Make a scavenger hunt of things for kids to find around the house in the dark. Could be a good way to encourage them to tidy up!

22. “My husband and I use the time to have friends over and play board games by candlelight. It’s one of our favorite weekly routines!”




26. Do yoga by candlelight. Don’t know how? Stream Yoga With Adriene for a great beginner class.

27. Lie on the roof and watch the stars

28. “I use the time to call my Mom”


30. “I practice my yoyo tricks”

31. Make some of these ‘no baking’ sweet treats and share with your neighbors


33. Set up a tent in the backyard

34. Tour the local town


36. Go to a trivia night with friends

37. Crafting!

38. Practice your light art. (What is light art?)


40. Unwind with wine and a good book

41. Go for a run. Celebrate by getting a donut.


43. Use it as an excuse to do nothing. Literally, nothing. Just sit on the couch and daydream.

44. "We will sometimes watch TV in the dark.”


46. Play the piano in the dark.  Soothing.

47. “Kids love to have a foot massage before bed and if there is a late OhmHour, they know they get an extra long one.”


49. “Sports practice often overlaps with OhmHours so we take our time leaving practice (a few extra shots, helping to clean up).”

50. “Homework, even if it requires a few lights since our LED lights don’t use a lot of energy.”



53. Poker night!

54. Toss a football, basketball or baseball in the backyard


56. “I read on my Kindle - backlight rocks!”

57. “We go on impromptu Date Nights”


59. Get a head start on weekend errands - Home Depot stays open late!


61. Take a nap!

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