A jubilant San Diego resident, holding her $3500 check, exemplifying the potential of OhmConnect's energy-saving initiatives.
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San Diego Resident Wins $3500 in a Prize OhmHour Giveaway and Shares Her Energy Saving Hacks

Katie Overmonds
January 20, 2021

San Diego resident Janice R heard about OhmConnect from a colleague in early December. Working in the energy industry and always looking for ways to save on her power bill and conserve energy, she signed up, connected a few smart plugs to her account and a little over a month after signing up, was selected as one of our major prize winners! 

“I couldn’t believe it, to be honest,” she said on a phone call this week. “I clicked on the video and thought ‘Oh my gosh - it’s actually real!’” 

Janice won herself an electric induction stove top (which she took as the cash equivalent of $3500 USD), just for conserving power for an hour during a Prize OhmHour. 

How an energy professional saves on her power bill 

An employee at a utility company, Janice has got the inside scoop on programs available to her and other Californians that will help her save money every month when her bills arrive. 

“I was on a training call with some other folks from the utility industry and someone mentioned how much they love OhmConnect,” she shared. “I signed up for it right away and I love that I now get notified when it’s time to unplug.” 

Here are Janice’s tips for how to save money on your energy bill: 

  1. Sign up for OhmConnect, if you haven’t already. Not only will you be eligible to win epic prizes, but you can earn money regularly when you beat your OhmHour energy goals and being smart about the timing of your power usage will help reduce the bill when it arrives. 
  1. Connect smart devices like thermostats and smart plugs. By purchasing and connecting a smart plug to OhmConnect, Janice now participates in OhmHours automatically, making earning money even easier. 
  1. Do research into energy efficient appliances and lighting. “I have solar lanterns and string lights on my patio so I can be outside in the evening without using power, when energy demand typically peaks.” 
  1. Check with your utility company for energy saving tips and available rebates, programs and incentives. “Connect with your local utility. There are lots of programs that help you find energy saving devices and appliances. We try to let our customers know what rebates are out there that they qualify for.” 

Congratulations Janice, and welcome to the OhmConnect community!

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