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Efforts Pays Off: OhmConnecter Wins Trip to Yosemite in First-Ever Opt-In Prize!

Katie Overmonds
May 21, 2021

As you may have heard, the OhmConnect team has been busy behind the scenes working on a brand new OhmConnect experience with loads of exciting changes and upgrades to the ways you can get rewarded for saving energy. 

It looks a bit like this: 

One of our favorite changes? Prize #OhmHours are a thing of the past and now YOU are in control of your rewards experience. 

  • Want to earn real money during every OhmHour and AutoOhm? You can do that. 
  • Want to donate your earnings to a charity? You can do that. 
  • Want to take a chance and bet some of your earnings on a major prize? You can do that too. 

For Danielle H from Pacific Grove, CA - that gamble paid off when she was chosen as our first ever prize winner on the new platform - scoring herself a three-night trip to AutoCamp in Yosemite National Park. 

“We’ve always wanted to stay at AutoCamp in Yosemite so I put a bunch of entries into the contest,” she explained. “I honestly never expected to win but we live in a small apartment with energy efficient appliances and don’t earn too much during an OhmHour. Rather than cash out a few dollars I thought I’d increase my chances of winning … and it worked!” 

OhmHours keep them on top of their energy game

Danielle and her husband have been participating in OhmHours for nearly two years and volunteered to test out the new system when the opportunity arose. 

“I’m a scientist and I’m interested in protecting the environment so I’m very interested in a program that will help me do some good for the planet and also earn money. I was excited to see what was changing and how I might be able to participate more, given that my energy usage is already pretty low.” 

To beat their energy saving goals, the couples have tried connecting smart devices or sometimes will go as far as flipping their circuit breaker entirely when an OhmHour comes their way. 

“OhmHours are a good way for me to keep my energy usage in mind,” she said. “It makes us more conscious of what we’re using all the time, not just during energy saving events.” 

Thank you Danielle for helping us improve the new OhmConnect experience and congratulations on your big win! 

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