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How to Succeed With OhmConnect

Ash Kippax
November 30, 2023

We know your success with OhmConnect is important to you, and it’s important to us, too! That’s why, as an OhmConnect Energy Ambassador, I have compiled a list of common questions we get from our members on how best to enhance their experience with OhmConnect. I hope these answers will help you excel and land that Diamond status soon!

*Note: if you’re not yet an OhmConnect member, here’s where you can join. It’s always free and takes just 2 minutes to sign up.

How can I earn more Watts?

The best way to earn more Watts is by connecting smart devices to your OhmConnect account! The most common smart devices used by our members are Smart Plugs and Smart Thermostats. These devices are easy to use and help to create a more energy-conscious and automated home. Check out our Rewards Marketplace for some awesome device options!

How can I redeem more with my Watts/increase the value of my Watts?

The value of your Watts is dependent on your status. Here is a quick breakdown of the discounts you can receive in our Rewards Marketplace based on your status:

  • Gold status earns a 5% discount
  • Platinum status earns a 15% discount
  • Diamond status earns a 30% discount

Once you are ready to cash out via PayPal or redeem your Watts for a new device, your discount will automatically be applied for you.

How can I reach Diamond status?

To achieve each status level, you will need the following average energy reduction across your previous 5 OhmHours (learn what an OhmHour is here):

  • Gold: 15% energy reduction
  • Platinum: 40% energy reduction
  • Diamond: 80% energy reduction

Please note: Silver status is reached when you successfully connect your utility, and no energy reduction is required.

How do you calculate my energy savings?

We calculate your percentage reduction based on how much energy you save during your OhmHour, in comparison to your 10-day average/your Potential Watts. To explain a little further, we subtract your historical usage from the total amount of energy that you used during your event. Then, we divide that difference by your historical usage to determine your average savings.Here is an example below:

Historical Usage (over 10 days): 11.92 kWh

Usage (during the event): 3.23 kWh

(Historical Usage - Usage)/ Historical Usage = % Savings

11.92 kWh -  3.23 kWh/11.92 kWh = 73%

What are the largest “energy-sucking” devices in my home?

Below are some devices that use the most energy in your home, even when they are plugged in and off. The list is in rough order from most energy use to least energy use (this will differ from household to household, but this list is a good guideline).

  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Water heater
  • AC unit (during hotter months)
  • Space heater
  • TVs
  • Microwaves
  • Cable Box
  • Entertainment center
  • Desktop computer
  • Phone chargers

Why weren’t all of the Watts I earned added to my Total Watts?

When you have an event, we immediately award you with Bonus Device Watts, once we see that your devices have participated. In general, it can take 3-5 days to receive data from your utility company, which is when we reward you with your Energy Watts, which are based on your energy savings. So, your Watts earnings are split into two parts!

Oh no! I broke my streak, how will this affect me?

Your OhmConnect streak measures the number of consecutive OhmHours in which you successfully saved energy. Your streak does not translate to tangible results, it is a point of pride for you and your participation! Keep in mind if you receive negative Watts for your energy usage, you will break your streak.

How can I be notified to make sure I don’t miss an event?

Notifications are the way to go with OhmConnect! By turning on all notifications, you are ensuring that you will not miss any OhmHours or AutoOhms. You can adjust your notifications by navigating to your OhmConnect dashboard and opening your settings (circle icon on the top right corner of your dashboard). From there, click both the ’energy events’ and ’communications’ banners and select the notifications you wish to receive.

Do you subtract Watts if I go over on my energy usage during an OhmHour?

In short, yes. A good way to think about it is that you start at a baseline balance of zero Watts, and do not need to pay in order to take part in events. As you start to take part in events, you will accumulate Watts based on positive energy savings. However, if you have negative energy savings, the results will then impact the Watts you’ve accumulated. However, you will never drop below zero Watts.

How often will I have events?

The energy grid providers reach out to us, and based on the needs and stress of the grid, request that we host energy-saving events in specific areas in order to offset the demand.When joining OhmConnect, you are part of a broader geographic area that the grid supplies to (think cities, not specific neighborhoods). Members are then organized into specific zones within this broader geographic area, and as mentioned, the energy grid providers will select which groups receive events based on the needs of the grid.When the grid is under stress, we are notified of the exact area and amount of kWh that needs to be reduced. As a result, this is why your friend or neighbor might have a different energy event than you!

OhmHours vs. AutoOhms, help!

OhmHours occur when there is a predictable spike in energy demand, which results in added stress on the grid. You will receive notifications for OhmHours one day prior to the event and a reminder shortly before the event begins. AutoOhms are shorter in duration and happen when the grid experiences a sudden surge in energy use. As such, the notifications for these events are sent out shortly before they begin.

I’m going on vacation, can I pause events until I’m back?

Yes, you absolutely can! In order to pause energy-saving events with OhmConnect, you will need to turn off all notifications. You can do this by navigating to your OhmConnect dashboard and opening your settings (circle icon on the top right corner of your dashboard). From there, click both the ’energy events’ and ’communications’ banners and deselect all notifications. When you’re home from vacation, you can turn your notifications back on to start receiving events again!

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