OhmConnect Member Used Home Automation to Score Major Prize
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OhmConnect Member Used Home Automation to Score Major Prize

Katie Overmonds
September 9, 2022

A home renovation was the motivation for Ste'ven A from Whittier, CA to join OhmConnect, and the decision paid off with savings on his electric bill and his most recent win – a Peloton bike. 

After pushing through summers in the heat, he and his family finally installed central air conditioning and the self-proclaimed “techy, nerdy kind of guy” was keen to get a Nest smart thermostat at the same time. 

“I was searching for rebates and ways to save on my monthly energy bill and came across OhmConnect,” he said. “Now we’ve got the whole Google ecosystem – speakers, Google Home, everything.”

Smart home technology makes earning rewards easy

Every one of those smart devices can contribute towards their family’s energy saving when an OhmHour comes their way, earning them automatic rewards and using less electricity when prices spike in their neighborhood. 

“All my tech is linked to OhmConnect! I’ve hooked up our refrigerator and garage fridge. Even the wine fridge is on a smart plug!” 

How he scored the big win

Ste’ven, his wife and two children make OhmHours a family affair. Every time there’s a notification that it’s time to save energy, they make an effort to power down as much as they can and if possible, leave the house. 

“We get creative,” he shared. “We love our neighbors and they’ve got a pool so the kids will take a dip in there or we will play in the backyard. We find a way to get out of the house and just turn down everything we can to save energy. The hour goes by pretty quick!” 

Congratulations Ste’ven and thanks for being part of the OhmConnect community! 

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