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Double dogs

MEGA Summer Giveaway Winner Adopts Dog on Same Day As Big Win

Katie Overmonds
September 18, 2018

Sunday September 9 was already a good day for Maureen Hughes of Vista, CA, even before she tuned in to watch MEGA Summer Live and discovered she’d won a $1000 Airbnb Credit.

She and her boyfriend Ed had just gone to the animal shelter in Los Angeles and adopted a Golden Retriever, Ty.

“We got up that morning, went to the shelter where we introduced Ty to our other dog, Tess, and they loved each other, so we brought him home with us immediately.”

“Then I noticed it was 5pm and said ‘Oh, let’s watch MEGA Summer Live and see if we won!’”

The couple watched and got excited when they saw the town of Vista appear, and then the OhmConnect status level of Platinum.

“I thought ‘it must be us’, and it was!”

An OhmConnect customer for just less than a year, Maureen and Ed typically power down most things in their home; the fridge, dishwasher, washer-dryer and even the internet go off. All that’s left on is a few lights.

“For the MEGA OhmHours though, we go all in. We flip the breaker every time.”

And their efforts paid off!

Maureen decided to take the cash equivalent to her Airbnb prize and used the $1000 to pay off an old credit card bill. Now, she just wants other OhmConnect users to know that the winnings are real and that real people are earning big with OhmConnect.

“It’s all real,” she said. “People really win and you really do save money. I withdraw my earnings via PayPal and now if I need to go to the store or out for lunch, I have a little extra money. And I love it!”

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