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How to Bring Kids Into The Fun of OhmHours

Katie Overmonds
May 15, 2019

As a savvy OhmConnect customer, you know the value of unplugging at strategic times of the day and the year.

You know that there are periods of time when demand on the energy grid is so intense (and energy prices so high) that you won’t just save on your bill or do a solid for the community by using energy strategically, but you’ll actually earn money too.

Explaining that idea to kids? Sometimes is a bit more challenging.

What happens if the OhmHour falls right over the dinner hour? Or the bath and bedtime routine? How do you crush your #OhmHour goals … without leaving kids in the dark?

We asked our Facebook community how they make it work and we love some of the stories and tips we received. Check ‘em out!

“My son and I do OhmHours together and we call it a “flashlight adventure.” He loves it because that means he gets to watch his iPad for an hour, lol. We set up lanterns all around his room and just hang out for an hour.” - Jeany Gibson

“My son loves Ohmhours when power goes off he gets to use his necklace lights and still have fun.” - Patty Vazquez

“One of our OhmHours we sat and read books as a family it was still sunny so we opened up the whole house chose a book a read for the hour.  For a lot of our ohm hours we go for a walk or ride our bikes as a family for the hour.” - Ann-Raeann Chavez

"Sometimes OhmHours fall over the dinner hour so instead of cooking on the stove we will make it a BBQ night, or when we're feeling adventurous, try a raw food diet that night!" - Sarah Hamilton-Becerra

"OhmHours over bathtime are actually the easiest ones for us! We leave the light on in the bathroom but basically shut off everything else in the house and focus on bathtub playtime. The toddler is contained and doesn't even notice that the rest of the house is unplugged!" - Peter Wentz-Harris

“We have a fire pit in our backyard, and when we have an OhmHour, we turn our power off, go back there, and cook up dinner and make s’mores!” - Crystal Brown

“My 3-year-old looks forward to OhmHours because it means family time! Shadow puppets, following Dad around the house with the camping lantern, dinner by candlelight, and for Christmas this year I got everyone a headlamp!” - Helena Hallum

“We've still had some daylight left our last few OhmHours. So we like to go out and find hidden painted rocks or hand blown marbles!” - Docia Johnson

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