Vibrant graphic showcasing the exciting prizes of MEGA Summer 2023 with OhmConnect.
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It's back, baby

MEGA Summer is back at OhmConnect!

Katie Overmonds
May 15, 2023

The weather is heating up and electricity prices are on the rise (as much as 27% higher than last year for some folks!) The good news? Also on the rise are your opportunities to earn major rewards with OhmConnect. That’s right friends, starting June 1, 2023, MEGA Summer is back!

Why is energy saving so important in the summer? 

With hotter temperatures comes increased demand on the grid, (mostly thanks to the *millions* of air conditioners that switch on at the same time) and the importance of OhmConnect members is greater than ever. 

It may not seem like much but simply adjusting your thermostat by a few degrees or shutting off your deep freezer for an hour with your smart plug can make a BIG difference. When we all work together, the little actions OhmConnect members take can mean the difference between the power staying on or a blackout. 

(Not only that, but energy used during peak hours is often what ratchets up your electricity bill sky high.)

But it doesn't have to be doom and gloom and it’s not all serious business. It’s FUN to be an OhmConnect member in the summer! 

What does MEGA Summer look like in 2023? 

The MEGA Summer promotion runs from June 1- Sep 30, 2023. 

The fun you know and love all year long continues with:

Biweekly major prizes

A display of summer prizes available through OhmConnect

Every other Sunday, we draw the name of one lucky OhmConnect member to win a major prize. Hello VIP sporting experiences, trips, ENERGY STAR appliances and up to $5000 in cash! 

But in addition to that, you’ll see: 

Showcasing bigger rewards with OhmConnect this summer

Big rewards for deep reductions

These are your chances to earn big rewards. You may see special OhmHours come your way this summer and if you can reduce a certain amount of your electricity usage during that hour, you’ll automatically score a big boost to your earnings. (Supersized Watts, anyone?) Plus Surge Bonuses! These are Watt multipliers that boost your earnings when you save. Dig deep when a Surge Bonus comes your way to earn maximum rewards! 

A daily $100 cash prize 

$100 cash prizes in the Rewards Marketplace for members with an OhmConnect status of Platinum or Diamond. Every. Single. Day. On June 1, you’ll see a $100 tile on the Wheel and one lucky OhmConnect member will land on that every day, all summer long. 

But be aware: This prize is ONLY available to OhmConnect members who have achieved a Platinum or Diamond status level, so ensure you’re digging deep during every OhmHour to save as much energy as you can to be eligible! 

Get tips to improve your OhmConnect status

Winning Wednesdays! 

Winning Wednesday event banner for OhmConnect users

Winning Wednesdays on OhmConnect’s Facebook and Instagram: You’ll want to stay tuned to our social channels on Wednesdays all summer long because you never know when we’ll pop up with a chance for you to win one of several prizes each week, just for commenting or participating in that week’s challenge. (Sneak peak: hundreds of OhmConnect members will win things like Cold Stone Creamery and Regal Cinemas gift cards, eco-friendly cleaning supplies, weekend getaways, and more.) Haven’t followed us on Facebook and Instagram yet? Now’s your chance! 

Referral Palooza! 

Promotional banner for OhmConnect's Referral Palooza

Referral Palooza: That’s right – rewards are multiplied when you refer a friend to OhmConnect in August. Can you share your referral link on social media? Then you could score a quick $40 for every person who signs up!

The stability of the electrical grid depends on us and the small actions we take every week to save energy. We’re so excited to see how much energy we can save together this summer.

Happy MEGA Summer, OhmConnect community! 

The MEGA Summer promotion runs from June 1-Sept 30, 2023. 

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Vibrant graphic showcasing the exciting prizes of MEGA Summer 2023 with OhmConnect.
It's back, baby

MEGA Summer is back at OhmConnect!

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