A jubilant family enjoying their beach vacation, a testament to their dedication to OhmConnect.
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Trip of a lifetime

OhmConnect sends Davis, CA family on $5,000 vacation

Andrew Coray
February 28, 2023

OhmConnect upped the ante on this prize giveaway. A $5,000 Cruise Vacation was up for grabs and the winner seized the opportunity just in the nick of time. Julia A, from Davis, CA has been an OhmConnect member since the summer of 2021 and regularly enters our prize giveaways by spending her Watts in the Rewards Marketplace on the Wheel or directly on the current prize offering.

This time, however, she figured with such a big prize on the line her chances of winning might be slim so she only entered it one time. You can imagine her surprise when she was notified that she was the winner.

“I didn’t think it was real and couldn’t believe we won with just one prize entry. Also, my husband is really skeptical about these types of things and when I told him he just laughed,” Julia said. 

Julia is an active OhmConnect member. And with six people living in their home, including four kids from toddler to teenager, they make it a habit to participate in OhmHours and AutoOhms (what we call our energy-saving events) to earn the absolute most rewards they can. Julia told us, 

“We have a few smart plugs and a smart thermostat that help with the big energy hogs and then we go around as a family turning everything else off.”

While a cruise is never a bad idea, Julia and her family had just booked a trip to Europe a few days earlier to visit family. They took the cash instead and used it to pay for their trip. 

“Overall, it’s a really neat program. It’s a nice way to be more cognizant of our electricity usage. During the heatwave last year, we felt we were able to make a difference and it takes the stress off the grid so that people don’t have major blackouts. These little things, like powering down, add up to make a big difference”, Julia said.

Congratulations Julia and family. Have a wonderful time in Europe with your family!

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