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Spin of a lifetime

Napa County resident wins $2,500 from OhmConnect after devastating Glass Fire

Katie Overmonds
April 21, 2022

Napa County resident Maria H. is a savvy energy-user. Living on a farm in St. Helena with a vineyard–complete with wells, pumps and other power-hungry equipment–she and her family have always been conscious of their environmental footprint and how to decrease their impact … and their energy bills! 

“We’re always looking for ways to cut down our bills,” she shared. “We have an electric car and we’re always trying to conserve and recycle and do our part to live responsibly.” 

A key part of that strategy? A smart thermostat and several smart plugs linked to OhmConnect so their home avoids using power when it’s most expensive and most dependent on fossil fuels. 

“We joined OhmConnect because it was something we could do to cut down our energy bills and I really like the gamification of it.” 

Tragedy in hometown means unemployment for residents

But as savvy and proactive as Maria and her family are, nothing could have prepared them for the devastating Glass Fire which scorched more than 67,000 acres throughout California's wine country in 2020, including the hotel where Maria worked, leaving her unemployed. 

“Everyone where we live is aware of how important it is that we move to sustainable energy and fight climate change,” she shared. “A large portion of the hotel where I worked burned down and lots of people here lost their jobs. If you ask most people in our town which was worse – COVID or the fire – they’d say the fire.” 

Energy-savviness pays off with a big win 

Back to work after a hiatus and now empty-nesters, Maria and her husband stay committed to their sustainable lifestyle. 

“We grow a lot of our own food and the easiest part for us really is the smartplugs. We’ve got plugs on our fridge, our chest freezer, our fish tank filter – anything that’s draining energy and doesn’t need to be running 24/7.” 

Those small actions to conserve are more than just a good deed – they were the key to her recent win from OhmConnect: $2,500 in DoorDash credit which she took as a cash prize. 

“I spin the Wheel from time to time but I never expect to actually win anything,” she shared. “I couldn’t believe it! I’ve tried to convince friends to join OhmConnect and I think I’ll have better luck now that I’ve won!” 

Congratulations Maria and thanks for being part of the OhmConnect community!

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