daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back
daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back

Win your childcare costs covered for the Summer in this week's MEGA Summer draw!

At the best of times, raising a baby or a child isn’t an easy (or sometimes even affordable) job. 
At the best of times, raising a baby or a child isn’t an easy (or sometimes even affordable) job. 

The average cost of child care in California is estimated at at whopping $11,817 per year – or $985 per month. It is ranked as 11th out of the 50 states when it comes to the most expensive childcare in the United States.

Throw COVID-19 into the mix? Now we’re looking at costs some families won’t be able to cover at all. 

We recently dug into the data and found that Californians will be paying as much as $174 million more in 2020 for their energy bills alone! Low income and disadvantaged energy customers are even more vulnerable. Not only are these families unlikely to have the ability to work from home, but their incomes are also likely at risk: they may be one of the 40M who recently filed for unemployment. 

That $985 childcare cost we mentioned? Even more challenging if you’ve lost your income. At the best of times, someone who works a minimum wage job would need to have a full-time job for 30 weeks to pay for the child care centers costs of a single infant.

So we want to lighten one lucky OhmConnect customer’s load! 

This week’s MEGA Summer Giveaway Prize is your childcare costs covered for the entire Summer (or the equivalent cash prize if you don’t have kids.) 

Here’s how to qualify for this week’s MEGA Summer Prize: 

1. Having an OhmConnect status of Gold, Platinum or Diamond during the week of the giveaway. (Not sure what that means? Check out this page that breaks down what an OhmConnect status is and how to level-up.) 

2. Having a smart device (like a thermostat or smart plug) participate in an #OhmHour or AutoOhm that week. 

3. Referring someone to OhmConnect using your unique referral link. If they connect their utility account and save energy during an OhmHour that week, you’ll be qualified.

Not yet an OhmConnect customer? Sign up now to get paid for the energy your home doesn't use, and get qualified for this week's sweet prize! (The service is free and there’s no commitment!)

Tune in Sunday, June 21 at 5pm PT to OhmConnect’s Facebook page to watch the live broadcast of the winners, alongside other important OhmConnect updates on our biweekly show, MEGA Summer Live. (Pro tip: to get a notification when we go live, ‘like’ the Facebook page ahead of time.)

The best part:  Even if you don’t win this week’s prize but you successfully qualify for the a weekly giveaway five times during MEGA Summer promotion (June 1 - September 27, 2020), you’ll be entered to win our grand prize of Your Energy Bill Paid for Life, to be awarded to one lucky energy saver on October 7, 2020. (Amazing, right?!)

Prize has a cash value of $3000 USD and the winner will have the points deposited into their OhmConnect account, available for cashout immediately.

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