Want to win $1000? Automate Your #OhmHours Like Amelina & Anthony

Automating her #OhmHours with IFTTT helped this Tracy, CA couple win $1000 in the latest MEGA #OhmHour.

OhmConnect users Amelina and her husband Anthony have gotten #OhmHours down to a science, and this week their strategy paid off BIG.

A few weeks back, she read our blog post about how to connect her OhmConnect account to IFTTT in order to automate her smartplugs to shut off when an OhmHour starts and since then, her energy reductions have been smooth sailing.

… and she won $1000 in this week’s MEGA #OhmHour!

“We use a Wemo switch to automatically turn off our mini fridge and all our chargers to cut down on ‘phantom energy’. IFTTT lets us know when an #OhmHour is starting, then it turns off our lights and all of our switches. Then it starts the Wemo Smart Plug back up again when the #OhmHour ends.”

This week, they decided to kill two birds with one stone and participated in the #OhmHour while heading out to do their grocery shopping.

“Leaving the house, combined with the recipes from IFTTT that automatically turn off our lights and plugged in appliances, really helped me to reduce our energy use this time around.”

During a MEGA #OhmHour, users who save a significant amount below their energy baseline are entered into that week’s draw.

For Amelina and Anthony, it went a little something like this:

Got a MEGA #OhmHour notification

  1. Reduced their home’s electricity usage by more than 50% during that #OhmHour
  2. Won $1000


“I'm so excited and honored. After reading stories from other winners, I still thought to myself I'll never win!”

Want to be the next winner?

Sign up for OhmConnect and keep an eye out for an email in your inbox about a MEGA #OhmHour. It could be coming as soon as this week!

Haven’t heard of OhmConnect yet?

OhmConnect is a free service that rewards you for saving energy when it matters most to the grid and the environment. You will receive a notification about once per week to save energy for an hour. If you save energy, you receive cash.

Curtis Tongue

Curtis gets up every morning to help rewards people for reducing their carbon footprint. His trifecta distills down to: compelling content, engaging user experiences, and rewarding positive climate outcomes.

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