Your energy bill for a FULL YEAR paid if you win this week’s Prize #OhmHour Giveaway!

Energy bills can be a serious drag. Let us lighten your load!

Katie Overmonds
January 1, 2019

In California, the average household spends around $100 per month on their residential electricity bill.

At $1200 per year (and in many cases, more than this!), plus separate billing for heating and cooling, your energy bill can make a huge dent in your family’s annual budget.

And we can think of a LOT more fun and interesting things to spend that amount of money on than keeping the lights on.

So we want to help one lucky OhmConnect community member lighten their load! If you’re this week’s Prize #OhmHour winner, you’ll get the chance to send us photos of your energy bills from the past year and we’ll pay ‘em*.

There are a few ways you can qualify for this week’s prize! You can either:

1. Keep an eye out for #OhmHour notifications you receive over the next two weeks. If you spot a Prize #OhmHour in your inbox, take a close look at the goal set for you. (They will something along the lines of "use 1 kWh or less." These targets are tailored to your own personal energy use, so everyone has an equal chance of hitting the goal.) If you achieve your goal, you will be put in the pool of others who did the same and names will be randomly selected as the reward recipients, OR

2. Refer a new user to OhmConnect using your unique referral code. If they get to Silver Status during the qualification period, you’re in! OR

3. Have a smart device (like a Wifi thermostat or smart plug) connected to your OhmConnect account during the Prize #OhmHour for instant eligibility!

Tune in every other Sunday at 5pm to OhmConnect’s Facebook page to watch the live broadcast of the winners, alongside other important OhmConnect updates (Pro tip: to get a notification when we go live, ‘like’ the Facebook page ahead of time.)

The best part: Even if you don’t win this week’s prize but you successfully meet your Prize #OhmHour goals five times during the Prize #OhmHour promotion, you’ll be entered to win our grand prize of $100,000, to be awarded to one lucky energy saver when we collectively reduce 1 Gigawatt. (Amazing, right?!)

*Cash value of prize capped at $5000 USD.

Katie Overmonds

Katie is an award-winning journalist and digital strategist with more than 10 years of experience in print and digital media and a passion for the environment and fighting climate change.

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